Miranda Mulholland hails from Canada and is a fiddle player as well as singer.  She released a debut solo album "Whipping Boy" in 2014.  Classically trained she is a busy lady, she has established her own record label called Roaring Girl Records which is building a reputation in its early stages as a platform for some diverse artists.  Adding to this she regularly plays with the bands Great lake Swimmers, Belle Starr, Harrow Fair and guests as fiddle player in the violin show "Bowfire"!
 Having appeared on numerous recordings with various bands and collaborators, Miranda released her debut solo recording to critical acclaim.  This lady may lean more to the Classical genre but excusing the pun, she has more to her bow.  "Hold My Tongue" for example is classic music hall, with a soft, lilting Monroe-esque sultry vocal.  Skip to "Bar Rage" and you get a brilliant Irish Folk tinted instrumental which is sure to make your foot tap!
Miranda can be a red haired chanteuse, a Country cowgirl, Blues diva and medieval female minstrel.  She is a striking performer and certainly a savvy businesswoman and hard worker, meriting a worthy success story.  The album just conveys her vocal and fiddle skills in a variety of genres that undoubtedly will endear her to the masses.
She is currently touring with Belle Starr around her native Canada, hopefully she will find the time in her non-stop schedule to send out another solo offering.  Miranda clearly loves the live playing field and for a musician that's what makes all the hard work worthwhile, which she is definitely not shy of!



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