Starlight City are Alex Birt (vocals)/Johnny Webb (guitar/vocals)/Seb Nice (guitar/vocals)/Nathan Lawson (bass/vocals)/Josh Herbert (drums).  The Pop Punk band hail from Swindon in the UK.
Created from the ashes of local band Formula 51 the guys started Starlight City in 2010 with aspirations of writing some songs, playing some gigs, to become famous and meet girls.  They are ticking off the objectives one by one!
Their Facebook page says the band are still unsigned and if that's the case then I am sure it won't be long before they are signed up.  From the tracks I have heard they remind me of a hybrid between Blink 182 and Green Day with a little Busted thrown in for good measure.
My favourite track is "Hurricane", it reminds me of The Clash in their prime.  Powerful and strong with big Punk guitar riffs and bombing drums.  "Chasing Drums" also reminds me of The Buzzcocks and those late 70s/early80s Punk pioneers.  I will watch Starlight City with keen eyes as they progress.



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