Sunflower Bean are an Indie band from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.  The trio with Jacob Faber (drums), Julia Cumming (bass and vocals) and Nick Kivlin (guitar and vocals) formed as a teenage group in 2013.  The band released their first E.P. in 2015 entitled "Show Me Your Seven Secrets" and have just released their debut album, "Human Ceremony" this year.
 The trio's sound is an eclectic mix of straight 70s Rock and Roll, early Punk to dreamy, psychedelic pop.  I first saw the band in the video for "Easier Said" and they reminded me a little of The Cardigans early records, a light pop with beautiful harmonies and guitars.  The genre hopping continues through "Human Ceremony" and its what makes this band look forward to a bright future, these guys and lady are no one trick ponies!
Julia is a model for Yves St Lauren and the band have had wide acclaim since their emergence on the scene.  Apparently the launch party for "Show Me Your Seven Secrets" was filled to the brim, such as the growing reputation for this band has grown.  There is an excitement about this band that can only get bigger, they are original and they work hard.
My case in point about the genre hopping, on the first E.P. the song "Tame Impala" is lurking in Deep Purple/Led Zeppelin/Kula Shaker territory while on the new album, "Wall Watcher" is an in-your-face aggressive Indie Punk rocker.  Original and unique, I hope this band gets global success as I would like to hear more, its intriguing stuff!



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