The Rua are Irish family trio Roseanna (guitar/lead vocals), Alana (piano/vocals) and Jonathan (violin/vocals) Brown.  The band have just released their debut album, "Essence" which was produced by Bob Rose (The Beach Boys/George Harrison) and they are joined on tour by such Rock luminaries as bassist Nigel Harrison (Blondie) and drummer Clive Deamer (Portishead/Radiohead/Robert Plant/Siouxsie Soux).  It is a unique blend Rock, Pop, Folk and hints to the 70s but always keeps an Irish feel.  The vocals and melodies are crafted superbly.
 You may have seen the three faces in the Harry Potter movies, the band are heavily influence by films and also music artists as diverse as Taylor Swift, Debussy, The Corrs and The Cranberries!  The siblings all live together in Windsor, England and have Classical backgrounds singing in choirs and sometimes learning pieces in other languages!
I was looking for new bands to review on YouTube and came across "Fight For What's Right" by The Rua.  Powerful vocals and beautiful melodies and strings which immediately brings the comparison to The Corrs but this is a brilliant record.  I instantly fell in love with this song and kept playing it a few times.
The album "Essence" is a brilliant debut, "Fire And Lies" is akin to classic Fleetwood Mac while "I'm Ok" is an upbeat positive track in the vein of Taylor Swift.  "Stand Down" is a lovely ballad which shows the versatility of the band.  The future looks bright for this talented young trio!



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