Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Daggerplay are a Finnish Rock band comprising of Pekko Mantzin, Tommi Luostarinen, Ville Ahonen and Sirpa Immonen.  Their sound incorporates Punk, Pop Rock, a little Gothic Rock, Classic Rock and good old fashioned Rock 'N Roll.
I first caught this band on YouTube with the song "Cruel Wind Blowing".  Withing the first minute their are elements of Classic Rock, Goth Rock, a little Punk of The Clash and a hard rock version of Roxette! I kid you not, take a listen for yourself below.  Its a unique sound but all Rock lovers will embrace this band.
The band released their debut album in 2013 entitled "Urban Campfire Songs" and are scheduled to release their follow-up set in 2018.  The album has been preceded by a handful of singles teasers, my favourite being "One Mile Town" which is akin to Big Audio Dynamite with a little Fall Out Boy incorporated within.  
The debur album seems to carry an explicit warning throughout containing the charmingly titled "Brainfuck Euphoria", a Ramones/Generation X style fast Punk rocker and "Glitter Rodeo" a kind of The Damned/Green Day merger.  Interesting band and it will be equally interesting to see how far they can conquer in these boring DJ/Mixers/Pop pap times.  Maybe this edgy Rock band is just what we are crying out for!

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