Monday, 4 December 2017


Jessica is a British singer songwriter who hails from Nottingham before attending Leeds University and completing a Masters degree at the Leeds College of Music.  She is about to release her first E.P. this month and big things surely await this lady.

After releasing her debut single, "Did You Know" the E.P. "Alive" will feature the dbut as well as the lead single "Alive" and three other tracks.  Upon seeing the video to "Did You Know" on YouTube I see a few genres involved in her songs.  This song is a mix of Country, Pop with a little Folk thrown in for good measure.

There is a purity in Jessica's voice which reminds me of early Taylor Swift and obviously the comparison is easier with seeing her playing guitar too.  The song is a very "live" sounding track which I always like, not too over produced letting the artist convey more emotion into the track.

Although I have done this review on the basis of one song, I would like to hear more from Jessica.  I think she is a real talent crossing genre boundaries that could set her up well in the music world.

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