Wednesday, 25 April 2018


WHOWho are an Indie Rock/Electronic Dance hybrid band who hail from Seoul in South Korea.  Their music is an eclectic mix of Funk, Dance, guitar Pop-Rock and Electronica.  The group formed in 2012 and have been touring extensively spreading their music across Asia and surely the rest of the world will take them to their hearts soon!

Jun Yong (vocals/guitar), Yohan (bass), Jin Chul (drums) and Young Kwang (synths) are a quartet of musical imagination.  I first reviewed the band after only a couple of E.P.'s and hoped they would go on to make an album as the music was so unusual I wanted to hear more.  Their motto at the time was "dance silly, play sexy", I just knew this group were destined for bigger things!

The track "Her" got me researching this band.  The song kicked off with an Electronic beat and synths followed by some Daft Punk-esque vocals.  It then changed into a soft English vocal to kick into an 80s power pop riff which is verging on Punk.  On top of all this it's damn catchy and very danceable! Their music consists of almost every genre, with the Hendrix inspired "Dance In The Rain" and Punk/New Romantic style "Bye Bye".

The band finally released their debut album in 2015, "Oh Yeah".  I found this album after a lot of searching and it is a great album.  Featuring the funky "Meteorite", The Jam-esque "Your Eyes" and "Sincerely Yours" which is similar to Franz Ferdinand or Razorlight.  Big things are coming for WHOWho but they need to make their music more widely available, although I love their music it is hard to find for us in the UK.  With the UK loving the 80s I think WHOWho would be massive here.

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