Sunday, 29 April 2018


Yuna is a Malaysian singer songwriter who can also play guitar and ukulele.  Born Yunalis binti Mat Zara'ai in Kedak to a current legal advisor of Pahang father and a high school teacher mother, this lady is a major global world star.  Through word of mouth and an amazing online fan base, Yuna's self-titled debut Malaysian album and a handful of single releases, she achieved a Grammy equivalent award in her homeland and several high profile awards.

This lady has a lot to offer with her brand of Indie-Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative R n' B style.  The first track I heard from Yuna was actually a cover of Nirvana's "Come As You Are" on Spotify.  It was a very light easy listening track with this stunning voice, similar to Norah Jones singing over a light Acoustic backdrop.  As I wasn't a fan of Nirvana, this was appreciating the song in a completely different more melodic way, a little like Tori Amos' version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".  It got me interested and I wanted to seek out more from this interesting lady.

After two International E.P. releases, "Decorate" and "Sixth Street" she has also released three albums, the latest of which is "Chapters" released in 2016.  I first reviewed Yuna after the second album "Nocturnal" which contained the poppy Lily Allen styled "Comeback" and "Falling" which is a combination of Motown, 80s Electronica and 80s chanteuse Sade.

The current set "Chapters" also features an appearance by Usher on "Crush".  Two of my favourites on the album are the moving and emotive "Mannequin" and "Lanes".  The album achieved her highest placing on the US Heat chart at number 5 and reached number 16 on the R n' B chart.  Surprisingly Yuna has not been discovered here in the UK yet.  


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