Monday, 7 May 2018


Luna Blue are from Chichester and comprise of Tom High (rhythm guitar/vocals), Ryan Wellman (lead guitar), Seb Bowen (drums) and Nick Davie (bass/vocals).  Their sound is a mixture of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Razorlight with great Funk and Indie elements.

The band released a self-titled demo E.P. and the "Nightjar" E.P. which features the brilliant single "Borrowed Words".  This great raw sound and energy will surely take this band far in the years to come!

Based in Brighton the band won their University's Ensemble of the Year award and are touring constantly building up a rapidly growing fanbase.  While "Borrowed Words" is similar to the early 70s Funk bands, another song on the E.P. "Welcome Home" is a slowed down soulful Progressive Rock.  Proof that this band are mature beyond their years.

Their YouTube videos cite them as Alternative Rock but I think there's much more to them than that.  The funky basslines and the ability to slow it down into almost Gothic Rock territory like "The Chance" from the first E.P.  and the very eclectic "Take What You Get"! Check these guys out, its a unique sound and you have probably not heard anything like it for a long time.

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