Friday, 13 July 2018


Emerging from the capital of St.Paul in Minnesota, Kevin Gullickson launched a solo career after appearing in various bands and kept one of the names, that of Radio Drive.  He has travelled through Europe to fine tune the music style which is positive, uplifting and motivational.  Rock how it should be.  The band have been described as Pop and Indie, but I'm not sure a label can be put there as there is such a variety in the music.  Everyone can find something different that means something to them.

I have reviewed the band in an earlier article a few years ago and Kevin was very appreciative and humble at the mention.  I recently reviewed the latest fifth Radio Drive album in full, "She Colors My World".  Check out that review on this blog for more info on every track.  My favourite song being "Time To Rise", Electronic Rock including elements of all genres, it is a bit of everything and a superb "live" sound.

I first heard the band on the video "Never" which reminded me a little of Roy Orbison with the brilliant "twang" guitar backing, it had something that made me want to hear more. Five albums have been released as Radio Drive and a compilation entitled "Restored".  Every album has such an eclectic mix that you don't know what is coming next, an experimental adventure with every set.

On "Dream The Impossible" the debut album, there were hints of Crowded House, INXS and Folk Rock.  On "Life Goes On", snippets of Gary Numan, Human League, Merseybeat and Classic Rock.  On third album, "I Can See The World From Here", Psychedelia, Gothic Rock and Alternative Rock.  Album four "This Is Our Time" has elements of Foreigner and Supertramp!  Radio Drive are your "go to" band for pretty much everything! 

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