Thursday, 7 March 2019


Regulars on the Cheshire music scene, Chasing Infinity first caught my ears early in 2014, when I was studying for my Music Journalism Diploma.  I wrote an article called "Cheshire Rocks" featuring the band with three other artists.  The article eventually became published in a local magazine.  I have followed closely the band and also saw them accompany The Fireflys at The Brindley Theatre in Runcorn in June 2015.

Playing a great blend of pop rock, they formed in 2009 and released their debut album, “Chasing Infinity” in 2012.  An acoustic E.P. entitled “Chinfin Unplugged” was released in 2013 and the last album, "Inaction" which contained the brilliant "Dance With The One That Brought You" came in 2015.  Now down to a three piece band, their 80s inspired tracks are a hit with me, being a nostalgic 80s music buff!

If you love Blondie, or No Doubt, then you will love Chasing Infinity.  Bright, bubbly and infectious, they bring an enthusiasm and bounce to any theatre.  They released a single, "Waves" in 2017 and have just released the bright and breezy "Ahead Of You", which reminds me a little of Altered Images and surely will hit the mark with 80s fans.

Check out older tracks “If It ‘Ain’t Broke, Break It” and “Aspirations And Realisations" and the last album's "4:37" and "Stalling", some of my favourite tracks by the band.  Adele Halsall (vocals), Paul McCormick (guitar) and Rob Saunders (bass) make great music, are down to earth and are brilliant live.  The music world has become stale in the last decade or so, we should cherish these bands and give them our support.

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