REBEL YELL - The title track is a rip roaring fast tempo rocker, full of Rock guitar riffs and a stomping keybaord theme throughout, complete with Billy's snarling Elvis throaty vocal.  Add to that a memorable chorus its just a great song!

DAYTIME DRAMA -  A mid tempo Pop Rock track, Billy's vocals are toned down more than normal, almost crooner like.  The musical backing is reminiscent of the early 80s bands, such as The Police, The Cars etc.  Really nice song though proving that Billy wasn't just a brash, snarling rocker, he could pull it back a bit and sing a nice ballad.

EYES WITHOUT A FACE -  Billy's first big hit, reaching number 18 here in the UK.  The slower tempo ballad-like song had a lovely melody which disguised the dark tone of the lyrics.

BLUE HIGHWAY - Back to the Billy we know and love, best to play loud! A rousing Blues Rock song.  Just for reference check out the live version on the later Expanded edition of "Rebel Yell", it is awesome.  This is pure Rock N' Roll, man.

FLESH FOR FANTASY - A very experimental song.  All the Rock elements were there but with some enhanced atmospheric electronic sounds, still a classy record ahead of its time in 1983.

CATCH MY FALL - It was a medium paced rocker with some saxophone and although a great song, the remixed version on the album "Vital Idol" was much more punchier.

CRANK CALL -  Almost classic 80s Pop Rock, akin to the likes of early Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.  Guitar riffs and solos, throbbing drums and Billy's soft vocals building to a crescendo of pure Rock for the chorus.  Another gem for the album.

(DO NOT) STAND IN THE SHADOWS - A weird one but it works.  Starts off almost sweetly then pounds into a Punk rocker going back to Billy's Generation X days.  The relentless beat with its sing-a-long chanted chorus is a class throwback to the late 70s and early 80s.

THE DEAD NEXT DOOR - This is a very eerie, sobering end to the album.  It is beautifully sung and is a very poignant, mysterious and emotive song.  It is just like Billy to experiment with all genres and styles as he has always done.