DREAMING - New Wave uptempo classic.  Pouding frenetic drums from Clem Burke lead this track, melodious guitars and even though the pace is fast, Debbie Harry seems to sing the choruses in a slower speed, ingenious and a fantastic opener and big hit!

THE HARDEST PART - One of my favourite tracks and although wasn't released as a single in the UK it was in USA.  A Funky electro sounding uptempo groove with a video that has Debbie in brunette wig, dark shades and a black split dress that oozes sex appeal. Ironically the blonde bombshell became the brunette beauty!

UNION CITY BLUE - Light, sultry, playful vocals from Debbie backed by a luxurious Rock Pop backing.

SHAYLA -  Gorgeous slow ballad, almost Motown sounding with a hint of Country guitar playing thrown in for good measure, backing the sweet vocals from Debbie.

EAT TO THE BEAT -  Manic fast Punk rocker that is similar in composition to "Detroit 442" from "Plastic Letters".

ACCIDENTS NEVER HAPPEN -  This has an opening similar to "Maria" on Blondie's comeback album "No Exit" of  1999 and is in the typical Blondie vein, keeping their Punk and New Wave roots.
DIE YOUNG STAY PRETTY -  A favourite of mine, its Reggae style suiting Debbie's vocals beautifully.  I like the line "deteriorate in your own time", sometimes the stars of today just want to crucify themselves for success and they have nothing to look back on because they're not around anymore.

SLOW MOTION - Another Motown style with harmonising backing echoes like the old 60s classics.

ATOMIC - Atmospheric, apocalyptic and eerie classic Blondie track.  New Wave, Rock and Disco all in one, even though the lyrics are quite random it somehow worked and this became a massive hit all over the globe.

SOUND-A-SLEEP -  A really lovely lullaby-esque track called "Sound-A-Sleep", and trust me you can fall asleep to Debbie's sweet voice quite easily here!

VICTOR -  Probably my least favourite personally, lots of screaming, chanting and heavy music in the background.  Maybe I have just been spoiled with all the great quality tracks here that I missed something I don't know.  Maybe die hard Punks would love this?

LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD - This ends the album on a high note much like it started.  A heavy Rock sound akin to the Runaways or any of the girl Metal bands, top stuff!