ONE NIGHT LOVE AFFAIR - Mid tempo ballad/rocker which has undertones that remind me of some later Gothic Rock such as The Mission.  A great opening track!

SHE'S ONLY HAPPY WHEN SHE'S DANCIN' -  Reminds me of The Cars at their peak and a little Rolling Stones, great Rock 'N Roll track.

RUN TO YOU - This was Rock I hadn't heard before, having been brought up listening to Thin Lizzy, Rush (thanks to my brother) and Bon Jovi and the like.  The almost Country twang guitars, searing solos and gruff throaty vocals and anthemic chorus was a piece of class.  The video helped featuring the gorgeous Lysette Anthony! Got me hooked on Bryan's music.

HEAVEN -  Was actually similar, hearing it back, to "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" but a little more bearable! I always had the opinion that Jon Bon Jovi did the best ballads and Bryan did the best rockers.  Its just my thought both were suited better to these type of songs.  Not one of my favourites but still a great song.

SOMEBODY - A kind of Fleetwood Mac, Heart, REO Speedwagon mash up with a chanted chorus and typical of the Pop Rock of the 80s.
SUMMER OF '69 - Probably the best known track by non-fans.  Really love this track, a proper air guitar sing-a-long, pure Pop Rock at its best, similar to Bon Jovi and Def Leppard in the 80s Rock stakes.  Again a class record.

KIDS WANNA ROCK -  One of my favourite Bryan Adams tracks, I am surprised this wasn't released as a single over here, at the time ZZ Top were hitting the big trail, and this wouldn't be out of place on Eliminator, their big album at the time.  Blues Rock at its best, big solos and sing-a-long anthemic chorus.

IT'S ONLY LOVE -  By no means being degrading to Bryan but it featured the unmistakable vocals of one Miss Tina Turner no less!  Its a great song, pure Rock N' Roll and both stars make it a rare gem of a collaboration, it worked just perfect!

LONG GONE -  Another bluesy number, a little slower than "Kids Wanna Rock", it breezes along and is a foot tapper, a little like Gary Moore in its composition.  Very nice!

'AIN'T GONNA CRY -  The final track of the album,  is a real manic Punk Rock song, there must have been a Ramones or Sex Pistols influence here.  A fine end to a fine album.