RED SKY - A storming start to this album. a kind of veiled Country style hard rocker, sounds crazy but its a brilliant opening track and gets the adrenalin pumping.  A great Instrumental rockin' jam.

CRUEL WIND BLOWING - Punk Power Pop with a Rockabilly style, this is just an aswesome track, fast tempo daring the listener to stay still! Brilliant.

DON'T GIVE UP - Reminds me of The Clash or Generation X with its late 70s Punk Pop.  Love it.  Great stuff from Finland's finest.

BLACK RIVER - Atmospheric almost Ska backing like Madness until it burns up into a raw 70s Punk/Classic Rock smash.

GIRL, IT'S GONNA GET BETTER OR JUST WORSE - This is a hybrid of Elvis Costello and Blink 182.  Great vocals by Pekko Mantzin.

DAYS LIKE THESE - Scandinavian Power Pop similar to Roxette, great melodies and an uptempo tantalising beat.  Catchy too!

FOUR WALLS - Alice Cooper meets The Clash.  Almost reminds me of early Billy Idol too.  A straight up Punk Rock firecracker.

KILBURN HIGHROAD - A brilliant Celtic Folk Rock right out of nowhere! Unexpected and its absolutely fantastic.  

SAME OLD, SAME OLD - More Rockabilly style Rock N' Roll, Stray Cats meet Generation X, reminds me of Ready Steady Go! by Billy Idol's first band.  A treat.

NW2 - Pure Punk Rock uptempo scorcher.  Late 70s, early 80s influences abound.

ONE MILE TOWN - A little Pop Rock thrown in for good measure.  This band can really take on different genres and kill it.

AFTERLIFE -  Another catchy, melodious Pop Rock number similar to Roxette, another gem on a tremendous album.

GHOSTS - Similar to the previous track, guitar driven Pop Rock, yet another great track with a chorus that stays in your head.

SINISTER BLUES - Exactly what it says on the tin, its Blues Rock with a very sinister twist.  Almost like a pirate shanty song, quirky and fun ending to the album.  It builds pace after a minute into a blistering stomp before letting down easy again.  Fab.