KISS THIS THING GOODBYE - I only heard this single after I had bought the album and instantly loved it.  It has a real live sound like every Del Amitri song, that pure sound where you can hear every instrument and vocal clear.  It was very like a Scottish folk song but rockier.

OPPOSITE VIEW - A kind of Genesis/The Cars hybrid.  Uptempo and twangy guitar solos and crashing drums abound, this track proved that the band could Rock out if they felt the need.

MOVE AWAY JIMMY BLUE -  Was a gorgeous ballad in the style of hit single, "Nothing Ever Happens", minimal backing once again for Justin Currie's emotive, throaty vocals.

STONE COLD SOBER -  A slower tempo ballad.  It reminded me a lot of The Police and The Cars, half British, half American 80s Pop Rock.

YOU'RE GONE - A dark and mysterious track, based around guitar and drums, a slight Country Rock feel and again hard hitting lyrics from Justin.  Perfect production to get that little bit of eerie Celtic darkness in the track.

WHEN I WANT YOU -  This is a mid tempo almost quirky track.  It has sad elements and then a happy, positive chorus.  Yet another superbly crafted track by the band.  

THIS SIDE OF THE MORNING - Like a sea shanty in style.  Vocals take the lead and you could imagine hardened sailors singing this little song while waiting to sail in an old bar. 

EMPTY -  The most Rock song on the album, almost Progressive with more extra Psychedelic sounds in the background.  Some searing guitars and the fast, slow atmospheric elements give it an early 70s vibe.

HATFUL OF RAIN -  This pretty much sums up the whole album.  It is no surprise the Greatest Hits package in 1998 was titled the same.  It has the gorgeous melodies, the heartfelt lyrics, simple chorus, minimal backing and great production.

NOTHING EVER HAPPENS -  This was the third single released at the end of 1989 and proved to be the band's biggest hit.  A look at the world in a beautifully simple composition and a chorus that everyone easily remembers.  Classic Pop Rock, love it, a touch of class.