RIO - A classy Pop song which whisks you away into a bright, sunny climate and has you happily singing the chorus as though you were in Summer.  With elements of New Wave and Synth Pop this was archetypal of the early 80s era.

MY OWN WAY - This track was similar in style to the debut album's Electro Pop style, a catchy chorus yet again and an ideal follow-on single after "Girls On Film".

LONELY IN YOUR NIGHTMARE - An unusual one, it reminds me a little of a Gary Numan track in his prime, with its mix of haunting guitars and electronics.  However, the chorus is quite catchy and its a nice song.

HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF - Has elements similar to "My Own Way" and "Rio", a perfect crossover from the debut album to this second one.  A more polished sound with lesser Electronic effects than previous tracks by the band.
HOLD BACK THE RAIN - A slightly more rockier sound on this track, upbeat and a powerful chorus.

NEW RELIGION - One of my favourite Duran Duran tracks, Simon Le Bon's vocals really suit this mix of singing and speaking and a great chorus.  Love this track on the live Arena album, would have been a great single.

LAST CHANCE ON STAIRWAY - A perfect fit for the whole style of this album, similar to "Rio" and "Hungry Like The Wolf" but without the catchy choruses.  A great uptempo song nonetheless.

SAVE A PRAYER - Superb, a big favourite of mine and lots of fans I think.  Just a really heartwarming song, great lyrics and an accomplished song all round.  The ultimate Duran Duran ballad.

THE CHAUFFEUR - Classy, its mysterious, dark and and minimal but has a medieval feel and its a big favourite of mine, I think its probably not chart material which shows the band's experimental side which came through in later albums.  This is the kind of track I like, the "fans favourites" not the public popularity chart buffs.

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