WHAT YOU NEED - The opening track of the album had a bit of everything which was unusual in Rock songs at the time.  Acoustic verses then Hard Rock chorus, and a little bit of saxophone thrown in for good measure.  One of my favourites.

LISTEN LIKE THIEVES - The title track has a Rolling Stones Rock vibe, saxophone parts, typical guitar riffs and a funky bassline, with Michael Hutchence giving his best Mick Jagger-like vocals.  Absolutely loved this song on first listen.

KISS THE DIRT(FALLING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN) - Is similar to songs on the previous album "The Swing", a little more Pop and a swaying gentle song with a lovely chorus.

SHINE LIKE IT DOES - Classic 80s Pop Rock, the band find their niche, lyrically and musically a brilliant track, which progressed later and brought us the classics such as "Mystify" and "Need You Tonight".

GOOD + BAD TIMES - A mix of searing guitars, powerful vocals, and funky riffs and keyboards, a heavier backing than the singles exploring their Rock.  Some moments remind me of New Romantic summery saxophone elements akin to Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet in 1983 but essentially this is INXS Rock at its best.
BITING BULLETS - A venture back into the old INXS sound of the debut abum with a catchy chorus  and fast paced tempo, similar to the early songs, the debut single "Simple Simon" and "Just Keep Walking".

THIS TIME -  Great song, reminding me a little of SImple Minds early material united with Crowded House style melodies and easy listening vibe.

THREE SISTERS -  Quite obviously a filler, its an experimental Electronica/Howard Jones style track which is pretty uneventful or attention grabbing.  Disappointing uninspiring instrumental.

SAME DIRECTION - Classic Rock at its best, a Simple Minds/Mick Jagger hybrid.

ONE X ONE -  Strange one, it reminds me of Go West, Thomas Dolby, Howard Jones and The Smiths all rolled into one, but it works! Great song.

RED RED SUN -  Punk rebels meet The Specials! Manic ending to the album with unconventional guitar riffs and feedback galore.