JOANovARC - "JOANovArc" 2019



BURNING - An almost Iron Maiden style opener to this second album by the female Rock quartet.  The vocals are akin to an angry Pat Benatar, it meanders along a little and doesn't have the great melodious Rock that previous songs have hinted at.

WAITING FOR - This is more like what I expected from the band, a pumping Rock masterblaster, great riffs, elements of Classic Rock and a very slight leaning to Pop Rock, this is just awesome.

DOWN BY THE RIVER - A slower tempo, almost Progressive Rock to start, before entering into a great chorus, reminding me of Joan Jett and a little early Heart.  Searing guitars and great vocals, another stomping rocker.

PEOPLE COMING UP - The girls give us the Funk. simple in composition with a "whoah" chorus repeating but it hits the mark, you can't help but sing along and enjoy!

TAKE IT OUT - This reminds me a little of early Bangles tracks.  It's catchy, its pure Pop Rock and its got that great "live" sound.  Another gem.

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG - A beautifully sung Rock ballad, hints of Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi in the slow, emotive style.

TRY IT ON - This actually reminds me of Texas when they rocked out a little.  Great guitar work and effortless pure vocals.  A great rocker and anthemic.

JANE - Ironically, yet again Texas spring to mind, this is the ultimate Radio friendly Pop Rock song.  The vocals are so pure and effortless, I consider Sharleen Spiteri one of the great vocalists around so that's a big compliment.  This is just superb.

THIS WAY - Eclectic mix of Classic, Progressive and Glam Rock, this has it all.  A clever and thunderous composition.  This band sure have the talents to try anything!

SLIPPING AWAY - A more Punk Rock track, frenetic drums and guitars throughout which keep your foot tapping and head bobbing!

GO HOME - To finish this red hot album, a very lovely Acoustic Rock ballad to calm the senses!