DON QUIXOTE - Like a Pop/Funk/Disco crossover, the song again had a very catchy chorus and brass-like accompaniment.

KNOW HOW -  Synth based track, similar to those on "Human Racing", ik has this ability to sing a slow lyric with a faster backbeat.  Lots of electric sounds on this, very experimental but a great song.

YOU MIGHT -  A Pop Rock song, great Rock guitar riffs with a driving beat and synths throughout and of course the obligatory catchy sing along chorus!

WILD HORSES -  a really nice song, slow Synth Pop ballad type.  A beautiful melody and chorus make this a superb song.  Proving that Nik could cut a ballad as well as the catchy Pop he is known for.

EASY - Sounds a bit like Level 42, which is not unusual as it has the brilliant "slap bass" master Mark King helping out .  A Funk Pop foot tapper and again if you listen to this in headphones, try to pick out all the things going on if you can!

THE RIDDLE -  Medium paced tune a little like "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down" on me with its Electronica sound and catchy chorus with military style marching band towards the end.  The lyrics caused much puzzlement and had everybody wondering what the "riddle" was, trying desperately to figure it all out to no avail.  Nik let this go on for a while before saying they were just a "guide vocal" and a bit of nonsense, random lyric.  A very memorable song right from the intro.

CITY OF ANGELS -  Lovely, atmospheric typical 80s Pop Rock track with great chorus, electronic effects and harmonised vocals.

ROSES - This has a backing sound similar to Madness, various vocals, echoed and computerised harmonies, guitars, synths and funky drumbeat.  Kind of sums up the whole album in one track! Love it.

-  More a Pop Rock song with a mix of guitars and synths, very New Wave sounding.  An almost funky track and one of my favourites.

SAVE THE WHALE -  Sombre end to the album with a punch in the gut.  Really lovely song, with whales "singing" and visions of the deep blue sea.  A great message behind the song and quite hard hitting if you listen to the lyrics.  Simply brilliant song.



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