PLEASURE - Opener for the album and set the classy stylish tone for this record.  A real snappy chorus and matches perfectly with the singles released from this set. Bright, breezy, big vocals from Tony Hadley and pure New Wave Soul.

COMMUNICATION This track became an unusual Club Disco classic.  I remember the 12" being awesome as well.  Great vocal harmonies, minimal musical backing with a memorable sing-a-long chorus.  One of my favourites.

CODE OF LOVE - Would be a great James Bond theme, slow and mysterious with fabulous vocals from Tony.

GOLD - Everyone knows this song from adverts, parties and pretty much everywhere.  Chugging drums, powerful range of vocals and a great Saxophone solo make this a classic and much covered by many artists.
LIFELINE - A more summery Pop track than other tracks on this album but a great song nonetheless.  All the usual Spandau traits are here from this era.

HEAVEN IS A SECRET -  Great song, complete with memorable chorus and clever harmonies, one of my favourites from the band. Has a slight Motown feel as well.

FOUNDATION - Upbeat with a pounding drumbeat with an easy singalong chorus and Tony exercising his vocal range to the max, would have been a great Summer hit single I think.

TRUE - The title track and one of the best 80s ballads.  Just smooth, soulful and memorable.  A number 1 and rightly so, made Tony a very unique singer and difficult to copy with his big, pure and effortless vocal, although many artists have covered this track too.  Very emotional and set Spandau as one of THE acts of the decade.