I DON'T WANT A LOVER - With its thudding marching band beat and Country tinged twang slide guitars with a distinct American Rock vibe I was taken aback.  Thinking this was an experienced band from USA calling themselves Texas, surprising to find them Scottish!.   The voice of Sharleen Spiteri is just pure, soulful and effortless.  She is still one of my favourite vocalists today, a fantastic voice.

TELL ME WHY - Would have been a great single.  Similar in vein to "I Don't Want A Lover", same tempo and a range of soft and powerful vocals from Sharleen.  More Pop Rock than the singles and radio friendly.  Still the driving guitars and beat remains.

EVERYDAY NOW -  One of my alltime favourite songs.  Sharleen's vocals get front and central and it is a beautiful lilting Blues/Soul ballad.  An absolute cracker of a song full of emotion.

SOUTHSIDE - A lazy, laid back Blues Rock instrumental lasting just less than 2 minutes but its a great interlude.  Would have loved this to be longer, very cool.

PRAYER FOR YOU - A chugging guitar driven track, harmonised vocals, positive vibes and an anthemic Acoustic Rock ballad.  Great guitar sounds.

FAITH - Another classic piece of guitar driven Pop Rock, with some great guitar work akin to U2 and Simple Minds of the mid 80s. Sharleen once again steals the show.
THRILL HAS GONE -  Slightly more Country Rock than "I Don't Want A Lover" and a more minimal backing, a great song but maybe the slower tempo didn't attract listeners to it to make it a hit, surprisngly.

FIGHT THE FEELING - This has a sound of the early 80s Rock, similar to the likes of Laura Branigan with a little Fleetwood Mac, Berlin and Belinda Carlisle.

FOOL FOR LOVE - This track has the atmospheric Rock sound of U2 but the vocals of Sharleen really life this slow burner into life when she hits that huge chorus.  At almost the 2 minute mark it hits its peak and doesn't stop powering on until the end, fabulous song.

ONE CHOICE -  Probably my least favourite, more Electronic sounding than the rest of the album.  Not that this is a bad song, just that the others are top class.  It seems to just carry on the same all the way through with no real "oomph", even some nifty guitar work can't lift it up to new heights. 

FUTURE IS PROMISES - Simply gorgeous song.  A sweet, soulful ballad with minimal backing and some soft vocals.  really nice end to a great debut album.