ERIN SHORE - Traditional intro for 30 seconds, a sweet minimal Irish instrumental which seamelessly links into the drumbeat of the title track that follows.

FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN -  haS that mystical medieval feel, Pop Rock with a hint of Celtic backdrop.

HEAVEN KNOWS - A more poppy track which reminds me of the singing group Wilson Phillips or early Bangles.  Great harmonies showcasing the girls' vocals.

ALONG WITH THE GIRLS -  An instrumental that does what it says on the tin! The girls giving us a brief 50 second showcase of their prowess on various classic Irish instruments.  

SOMEDAY - A real Pop Rock track, heavier drums than usual, catchy chorus,  lots of musical backing going on and it works brilliantly. 

RUNAWAY - The debut single hit me like a ton of bricks.  A simple yet effectively emotive and cutely sung by Andrea Corr.  Loved this on first listen and prompted me to tell everyone that this new band would be massive, I was not worng.
THE RIGHT TIME - A bright and breezy song that has a little Fleetwoos Mac influence.

MINSTREL BOY - The Irish song by Thomas Moore is given the Instrumental treatment by the band.

TOSS THE FEATHERS -  Such a brilliant foot tapper, on seeing the band live this got everyone up and bouncing.  Superb musicianship by everyone involved.  I never thought one of my favourite songs would be an Instrumental as I am a former songwriter and poetry writer I love lyrics! The traditional Irish Folk song is given the big Rock rendition!

LOVE TO LOVE YOU - Pretty much a soft Rock ballad with again a hint of Fleetwood Mac.

SECRET LIFE - Pure Pop Rock with funky basslines, catchy chorus, crashing drums and searing guitars.

CARRAROE JIG -  Another Instrumental track and as the title says an irish jig, this is like a toned down "Toss The Feathers" but still gets the feet tapping and your head nodding! Pity it only lasts 53 seconds but I think this album was a nice teasing showcase of what the band would offer in later albums.

CLOSER - Just a beautiful song, similar to "Runaway" and just as emotive, Andrea's vocals sound lovely here with the very minimal backing, ending with a flourish of atmospheric sounds and vocals to fade.

LEAVE ME ALONE -  Pop Rock number which reminds me in composition of a Deacon Blue/Blow Monkeys hybrid.  A bright uptempo track with various vocals, sometimes doubled up sometimes echoed, a very catchy chorus and "oohs" in the background.  Classic Corrs track with the obligatory crossover Irish segment.

ERIN SHORE -  The full version ends the album and is absolutely beautiful.  Light, lilting building into a crescendo of ambient sounds and atmospheric chirps and beeps before the masive drum solo which gives you goosebumps.