THE CULT - "LOVE" 1985



NIRVANA - This opening track, has all the Classic Rock elements and could have easily fitted in the "Hair Metal" of the 80s.

BIG NEON GLITTER - Brilliant mash up of off tune vocals but with with a kind of Rolling Stones chorus and screeching guitars that reminded me a little of Big Country amidst some tiny specks of Progressive Rock.  Class song!

LOVE -  The title track is superb, its kind of a Classic Rock/Punk hybrid with sounds like Adam And The Ants' "Kings Of The Wild Frontier" album, searing guitars and thumping drums.  Well I love it.

BROTHER WOLF, SISTER MOON - Epic ballad that stretches to 6 and a half minutes.  I remember hearing this in headphones and the sounds are incredible, more instrumental than the previous tracks and proved the band could experiement with different sounds.

RAIN - A fans' live favourite and is one of my favourites from the band.  A more anthemic song than the previous single, the chorus is just great, there are elements of Classic Rock of the 60s and 70s and hints of Gothic Rock, the repeated almost chant-like chorus is absolutely awesome.
PHOENIX - A dark mass of noisy screeching guitars and drums with random solos thrown in for good measure.  Not one of my favourites but then this album has high standards to keep.

HOLLOW MAN -  Reminds me a little of Tom Petty, its an uptempo track with a backdrop of Blues and Punk Rock.  It speeds along nicely and keeps your foot tapping!

REVOLUTION -  A slower song but still having a similar sound to the two singles prior.  Pretty repetitive and clocking in at 5 and a half minutes, it was maybe too much for the radio listening public.  I personally love it, its a great Rock ballad, with Psychedelic undertones.

SHE SELLS SANCTUARY - The song that got me hooked on the band, aesome track. Superb Rock song with its repetitive train-like backing guitar an drums amidst Ian Astbury's powerful vocals and a fabulous catchy chorus made it the band's first big hit.  The atmospheric echoes make it even more powerful.

BLACK ANGEL - Another slow ballad, prety much in the vein of early Europe especially with Ian's vocals reminding me of Joey Tempest.  This album's experiements paved the way for all kinds of genres to be tried and tested by the band in the future.