SOCIETY'S REJECT - Frenetic opening title track, reminiscent of Elastica in their prime.  Great Punk Pop.

JONNY ROTTEN - Raw, energetic Punk Rock with a driving drumbeat, top track.

WATERS EDGE - Superb Punk Pop akin to Blondie in their early days, hidden melody amidst the Punk backing track.

PARTY IN HELL - Early Punk vibes here, reminds me a little of BowWowWow in its simplicity but its vocal harmonies and driving beat make it awesome.

AIR - Half Acoustic until the chorus, Mie and Millie Debray sure have a knack of mixing various vocal harmonies and different music genres on their records.  This takes me back to Bangles first album, love this track, great Pop Rock.

STEP OUTSIDE - Another change in style, this time 90s Grunge Rock akin to Nirvana and the like.  Angry driving rocker.

ORIGINAL SIN - 70s Progressive Rock takes a bow in this track, the girls really take on any style and take it to the max.

SAM'S ON CRACK - For some reason this reminds me of 70s rock star Suzi Quatro.  Really angry vocals fronting a throbbing drum and guitar backing track.

YOU HATE LOSING - More Blondie influence here, starts off as a nice slow ballad with sultry vocals akin to Debbie Harry them moves into Bangles vocal harmonisation before unleashing the chorus thunderous Grunge chorus.

DRAG YOU DOWN TO HELL - A strange Rap Punk song which takes you aback at first but somehow it works and it shouldn't! Experiment success!

PLAY WITH FIRE - Paramore and Garbage spring to mind listening to this track.  The stop-start grinding Rock track interspersed with quieter moments and lous, brash vocals.  Love this track.

BREAK YOU - Screeching, angry Punk, from the opening expletives definitely to an ex-lover or very hated man!

BURY ME - Unusually more laid back vocals and slower tempo for the album.  Actually a really nice track, probably early 80s Pop Punk.

BAD BITCH - This was the track that got me looking for more by the girls.  Classic Pop Rock in the style of Blondie.  An absolute stormer of a song.  Great chorus and really slams it out of the park.

RATHER BE DEAD - Again a more laid back tune, maybe Joan Jett or those early female Rock pioneers influenced this.  Great end to a great second album by the girls.