*album cover censored by Google*


SOCIETY'S REJECT - Frenetic opening title track, reminiscent of Elastica in their prime.  Great Punk Pop.

- Raw, energetic Punk Rock with a driving drumbeat, top track.

WATERS EDGE - Superb Punk Pop akin to Blondie in their early days, hidden melody amidst the Punk backing track.

- Early Punk vibes here, reminds me a little of BowWowWow in its simplicity but its vocal harmonies and driving beat make it awesome.

AIR - Half Acoustic until the chorus, Mie and Millie Debray sure have a knack of mixing various vocal harmonies and different music genres on their records.  This takes me back to Bangles first album, love this track, great Pop Rock.

- Another change in style, this time 90s Grunge Rock akin to Nirvana and the like.  Angry driving rocker.

- 70s Progressive Rock takes a bow in this track, the girls really take on any style and take it to the max.

SAM'S ON CRACK - For some reason this reminds me of 70s rock star Suzi Quatro.  Really angry vocals fronting a throbbing drum and guitar backing track.

- More Blondie influence here, starts off as a nice slow ballad with sultry vocals akin to Debbie Harry them moves into Bangles vocal harmonisation before unleashing the chorus thunderous Grunge chorus.

DRAG YOU DOWN TO HELL - A strange Rap Punk song which takes you aback at first but somehow it works and it shouldn't! Experiment success!

- Paramore and Garbage spring to mind listening to this track.  The stop-start grinding Rock track interspersed with quieter moments and lous, brash vocals.  Love this track.

- Screeching, angry Punk, from the opening expletives definitely to an ex-lover or very hated man!

BURY ME - Unusually more laid back vocals and slower tempo for the album.  Actually a really nice track, probably early 80s Pop Punk.

BAD BITCH - This was the track that got me looking for more by the girls.  Classic Pop Rock in the style of Blondie.  An absolute stormer of a song.  Great chorus and really slams it out of the park.

RATHER BE DEAD - Again a more laid back tune, maybe Joan Jett or those early female Rock pioneers influenced this.  Great end to a great second album by the girls.


  1. Well, Google has just proven their hypocrisy by censoring an album cover that has absolutely nothing offensive, except possibly (POSSIBLY, mind you and just in my own opinion!!) Noemie's cigarette (she does not smoke, btw and Camille does only rarely). Nobody told them or even asked them to dress like that; it was 100% their choice. They like dressing how they want and if all you see in the album cover picture is sex, then you need to take a close hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why that is. The SoapGirls are NOT about sex, they are about FREEDOM!
    This means you are fully free to dislike the picture but CENSORING it goes AGAINST freedom and proves that whoever censors it IS AGAINST FREEDOM. The SoapGirls aren't the only artists having their art censored. This blight is showing up everywhere now and smacks of global totalitarianism. Go ahead and argue with me.

    -A concerned SoapSud


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