CRUCIFY - A piano Grunge Rock sound made this song stick in my head for weeks and got me hooked on Tori after "Silent All These Years" peaked my interest. Packs a punch with a slight drum beat and a 70s Psychedelic Rock segment and harmonising vocals.

GIRL - A little orchestration and light drumbeat as well as Tori's unmistakeable vocals and keyboard skills, it also has a kind of Progressive/Psychedelic Rock middle segment. 

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS -  Its quiet minimal piano and beautiful vocals reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan and to an extent Kate Bush (although I consider Ms. Bush as a Piano Pop artist and Tori Piano Rock).  Its such a lovely song.  The video is amazing and kind of sweet too like the song itself.

PRECIOUS THINGS - This has a quicker pace, a frantic piano with a more powerful Rock drumbeat and with screeching vocal accompaniment and a range of other atmospheric vocals.  This is a darker track, a powerful angry emotive track that us fans have grown accustomed to over the years.

WINTER - Written about her relationship with her minister father is an absolute gem, as with most of Tori's songs you can pick up the emotion and sense this is autobiographical.  Tori is not afraid of any subject however tough it may be, as we find out on this album.

HAPPY PHANTOM - One of those funny, bright and breezy Tori tracks that even if the lyrics are somewhat strange and maybe dark you can't help but smile, she has this given talent for music composition.  I think its her thinking how her death would impact on a lover or so I read somewhere.
CHINA - Another piano ballad, with soft whispering vocal verses leading into a crescendo chorus and back down again.  A very romantic song about a distant lover who doesn't share her views on the relationship.

LEATHER - Half dark, half jokingly but serious content.  About a woman who loves her partner so much she allows anything to happen to being used.  Minimal backing with Tori's vocals to the fore.

MOTHER - Captivating slight piano and vocals track. Tori uses all her vocal tehniques to convey this almost sad song, possibly about a controlling mother?

TEAR IN YOUR HAND - This has like a Classic Rock or Rock Pop vibe, with more Psychedelic moments, I love this track.  It has a great full musical backing and more produced than other songs Tori has made, and it works to full effect.  

ME AND A GUN - A vivid recollection of the whole ordeal of Tori being raped at knifepoint.  Just Tori singing a cappella, this was released as a debut single but "Silent All These Years" the B-side was preferred.  The former is is bright and positive while the latter is quite disturbing and you feel sad that Tori or any woman has been put through this.

LITTLE EARTHQUAKES - The title track and unusually at the end of the album, is simply gorgeous, almost Gothic, and almost sounding like Alanis Morissette at times.  It has off tuned segments, a little sixties psychedelia, screeching vocals, soft vocals, basically is Tori Amos in a nutshell, well in 6 and a half minutes!