BREAKABLE - Great foot stomper to open the album, complete with catchy chorus and an early 80s Heart style.  Almost a Pat Benatar/Joan Jett hybrid, this is uptempo Classic Rock at its best.

GENUINE - A sombre beginning to this track and an almost Cher-like vocal akin to the American star's late 80s excursion into Rock territory.  More classic Heart hints make this a really beautiful song from start to finish

WHAT'S GOIN' ON - Blues Rock, somehow reminding me of Free and Lynyrd Skynyrd and those style of bands from the mid 70s era.  A subtle hint of Fleetwood Mac's early years is also present.

THE COMING OF THE FAIRIES - Love this track as a fan of The Bangles, reminiscent of the girls' debut album "All Over The Place".  A raw, Psychedelic hippie Rock track that has a great feel good vibe.

GOSPEL SINGERS - Soft, gentle ballad as Virginia plays the Chanteuse in a smoky bar.  A little Grace Slick laid back style.  The Jazzy accompaniment makes this a very cool track.

SOMEWHERE NOWHERE - This song has a sultry musical backing with a husky vocal which reminds me of the Dutch Rock singer Anouk.  One of my favourites on the album, powerful and emotive.

MORE THAN LOVE - Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde come to mind on hearing this track.  A really great throwback to early 80s Pop Rock. 

COME BACK TOGETHER - A Chicago/Foreigner like combination style with a female vocal.  Also has a Motown feel mixed in.  Experimental but it works.

BAD SEED - Acoustic track to start off with a 70s emotional feel.  About 1 minute 10 seconds in the tempo rises a notch with some Classic Rock guitar riffs before cooling down again.  It finishes with some Heavy Rock guitar solo as it fades out.  Love it.

PASTURES - Strings and piano track, very light and atmospheric.  Gorgeous, passionate vocals once again to bring the emotional vibe to full effect.

- Classic Rock track with a hint of Beach Boys, which always seems to arrive when "summer" is in the title!  60s/70s keyboards are thrown in for good measure.  Cool and summery!

THE GRAND OPENING - A jazzy Soul style ending to the album.  A little reminder to Michelle Branch or Beverley Craven.  Lovely sound and with a good, positive feel as with the rest of the album.