DOLL - The opening track is a half whispered demo style track that is a nice gentle Folk-like introduction to the band's second album.  Coming in at almost 1 and a half minutes this is a very short opener.

MONKEY WRENCH - This is actually one of my favourite Foo tracks, an almost Punk Rock number, the chugging backing track and Dave Grohl's angry vocals linking into a quite catchy chorus.  Love it.

HEY, JOHNNY PARK! -  A loud, brash opening merges into an Acoustic backed vocal track before kicking in again with a 90s Grunge style chorus and back again.  It see saws like this before the mega Rock ending.

MY POOR BRAIN - Bright and breezy 60s style hippie verses and a massive Hard Rock chorus.  Lots of gutiars, feedback effects and a thumping drumbeat with the usual clever veiled Foo melodies.  It's almost Punk gearing to its end! Awesome.

WIND UP - Elements of Classic Rock, Grunge and Glam Rock in this track.  It is loud, boisterous and atmospheric.  Class.

UP IN ARMS - A rare light moment to catch your breath after the Rock onslaught.  This begins almost sweetly with a 60s style style that obviously catches fire again midway.  The tease that you get a slow tempo breather lasts only a minute but its worth it!

MY HERO - Dedicated to Dave's heroes, this Alternative Rock track is another of my favourites.  An awesome chorus, a mid tempo rocker that reminds me a little of Thin Lizzy.  Top stuff.

SEE YOU - An actual breather this time, an Alternative Folk Rock track that is breezy, bright and cheerful.

ENOUGH SPACE - Pure Heavy Rock, angry vocals and distorted guitars.  The odd quietly sung minimal verse but a smash and grab Punk like shouty chorus.

FEBRUARY STARS - Melancholic 60s hippie style, almost Pop Rock track.  Nice song that is a well earned break for the eardrums!  Atmospheric and light and dreamy change in tempo for the most part heading into a more rockier end.

EVERLONG - Another of my favourite Foot racks and one of their best in my opinion.  Alternative Rcok and Grunge meet to provide a superb track.  This is what the Foo's signature tunes were all about.  Driving Rock with great hidden melodies and a variety of vocals that match.  A classic.

WALKING AFTER YOU - A pleasant Country Folk track that glides along nicely, almost Stone Roses style, with quiet, breathy vocals from Dave.  Nice.

NEW WAY HOME - After the last track slowed down the tempo the album finishes with an uptempo 90s rocker, almost summing up the whoe album in one song.  Many classic Foo elements in this track.