AS LONG AS YOU WANT THIS - A storming opener to the Dutch band's debut album, a classy Alternative Rock track showcasing Dinand Woesthoff's fabulous husky vocals.

CAN YOU HANDLE ME - Great Pop Rock track with awesome melodies and harmonies.  Catchy chorus and a foot stomper.

DAMN THOSE EYES - Absolutely gorgeous mid tempo Pop Rock ballad.  Big, anthemic and memorable.  Simply stunning.

HANDS - Reminds me a little of INXS at their peak.  Great mid tempo and another top singalong chorus, these guys know how to hook your ears.

WHERE DO I GO NOW - Half Acoustic, this track is almost Grunge Rock, with a little segment of Classic Rock guitars thrown in forgood measure.

I WILL KEEP MY HEAD DOWN - An atmospheric Progressive Rock/Classic Rock track.  Some great Acoustic guitar interspersed with searing solos.

NOT HERE - A beautifully constructed Rock ballad, great melodies and Dinand's letting off some steam on his vocal range, almost whispered deep vocals to booming big anthemic parts.

WAITING WAITING - The intro of the chugging guitar strumming reminds me of The Cars and Blondie.  Echoed vocals, experimental effects and various Rock genres incorporate funky elements like Red Hot Chili Peppers and almost Rock rap.  Brilliant.

RESCUE ME - A really nice mid tempo anthemic and emotive Rock ballad, yet another class song from a sadly missed band by me.  

UNTIL NOTHING ELSE MATTERS - A more harder Rock than other songs on this album, proving they can turn their hand at any style.  A little Grunge. a little Classic Rock, a little Hard Rock.

JUST GO - A slight Country Blues tinged rocker.  Big vocals from Dinand, and anthemic arena style Rock at its best.

MY HEART'S DESIRE - A lovely Acoustic 90s Rock style ballad.  The focus is firmly on Dinand's extraordinary unique vocals.

TAURUS (HANGING ON) - A real stormer of a track to end a fabulous debut album.  A heavy rocker similar to U2 who are one of their influences.  That big production, big noise, big vocals.  As anthemic Rock should be.  Class act.