SPINNING - The album opens with a happy, jolly number which conveys the happiness, of falling for someone and the 'spinning' in your head when you have good spirits and excitement of a new love.  It brings images of those old fashioned films where the lady in a ball gown is twirling around crazily on the dancefloor in a daze because she is so elated.

ONLY YOU - Marika really shows off her vocal range in this emotive and powerful track pronouncing the lady's love for her 'special' one.

LOVE'S FIRST KISS - Both piano and vocal are turned down to a more romantic, mellow calm to relay that moment we all dread but is one of the defining moments of new love, that first kiss! Marika is the chanteuse here which evokes the imagery of her lying on a piano in one of those smoky bars of the past singing about her moment to everyone.

THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN - Quite a solemn, eerie track with dark overtones, thus suggesting a bad turn to the relationship, with Marika quoting 'angry shouts'.

FALLING IN LOVE - An epic track beginning with what seems to be the calm before the storm as the sweet vocal turns at aaround 5 minutes in.  The piano then plays hard and aggressive while Marika gives an angry and powerful vocal before calming down before the end of the song.  This could signify the confusion of the happy bond turning sour.

ENTRECHAT - The title means 'complicated' in French.  The song itself has the lady seemingly resigned to the fact that something is not right in the relationship.  The vocals seem quite aggressive and strong maybe conveying the disappointment she is feeling.

WE STARTED FIGHTING - Manic and anger induced piano backs Marika's almost distressed vocals in this short, sharp shock of a song.  The album couple seem to be falling apart.

THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN (REPRISE) - An addition to the initial teething problems in track 4.  This time the relationship seems to be over and there is no turning back.  The emotive vocals are given to heartbreaking effect.

I USED TO LOVE - The acceptance of how the relationship turned sour.  The lyric 'I used to love hearing your voice' sums up the track.  The lady used to love her partner's ways, even the little things, but not anymore.

A BROKEN HEART - Another epic track that sees all the emotion set free, the pain, the anguish and the sadness of a coupling's end.  Another extremely powerful vocal performance from Marika.

TO LET YOU GO - After the break up comes the positive spin.  As we all do, we have to move on and leave the past behind that hurt us.  This track encapsulates the moving forward and letting that person go who broke your heart.

MADE OF CLAY (A BROKEN HEART) - A whimsical, positive little song to end the album.  Made of Clay sometimes means 'earthen'.  This could mean the lady feels she is made of earth and even though she was broken she will meld together again in time.  Another meaning could be she is worldly which may suggest she is more wiser now.