DAMN I WISH I WAS YOUR LOVER - The massive hit and Sphie's break out song.  Starts off like a usual Pop song akin to Madonna (at the time) and Natalie Imbruglia but then the drums kick in and it turns into a rocker.  Class song.

CALIFORNIA HERE I COME - A slow tempo ballad with the occasional big vocals, a dreamy song for the most part, laid back and cool similar to Sheryl Crow's half Rock, half Pop style.

MYSTERIES WE UNDERSTAND - Funky Pop with different genres incorporated into the song.  Uptempo backing and hints of Rock and Soul and a kind of Rap in between.  Lots going on, listen in headphones and try to pick out all the complex experimental arrangements.

SAVIOUR CHILD - A jazzy Pop song that is engaging for the most part but gets a little annoyingly repetitive.

CARRY ME - A very strange track, experimental, involves orgasmic moans, strange "loving mother" imagery, atmospheric effects amidst a kind of Blues track.  Weird and eerie but you either love it or you hate it, complicated is the best way to describe this!

I WANT YOU - A cover of Bob Dylan's 1966 song.  A lovely, calming, emotive and passionate vocal over a minimal backing.  One of my favourites.

BEFORE I WALK ON FIRE - A mid tempo ballad that fails to ignite for me.  Overlong and not a lot going on.  A filler for this lady's debut album?

WE ARE ONE BODY - Reminds me a little of Pat Benatar, a slow tempo sexy Rock ballad.

LISTEN - Aggressive, menacing sexual dominance song, complete with the line "I'm gonna make you come".  The percussion and half spoken half sung track sounds both seductive and scary.  Good song though.

LIVE AND LET LOVE - This is half Progressive Rock, half Pop.  As is normal with this album, Sophie is crisscrossing genres like they shouldn't mix, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.  This works, it also has a slight Jazz and Blues Funk feel towards the end.

DON'T STOP SWAYING - This final track is a slow tempo atmospheric song twisting the tale of Hansel and Gretel falling in love and being "who they are".