TO CUT A LONG STORY SHORT - The opening track and debut single was the epitomy of the New Romantic Pop phenomenon that took over the first couple of years in the 80s.  The Synth New Wave sound, medieval like percussion and Tony Hadley's big booming vocal are just fantastic.

REFORMATION - An almost repetitive, rhyming lyric over a typically 80s Electronic Synth Pop backing.  Again there is a dark, almost eerie medieval sound running through the track.  Catchy in a strange way, but great track.

MANDOLIN - A little more anthemic and bigger sound to the previous tracks and with a funky bassline that hits the mark.  A mix of Ultravox pomp and Soft Cell vocals.  Not a single but I love this track.

MUSCLEBOUND - A New Wave track, a slow tempo backing track with Tony giving it his all to lifet it to new heights, then the annoyingly catchy chanted chorus kicks in and you can't help but sing along.

AGE OF BLOWS - The equivalent of an 80s band jam with elements of Rock, Pop, Electronica, New Wave.  Engaging enough but not one of my favourites from the band.

THE FREEZE - Great New Wave Pop Rock, Gary Numan style with a little Bowie thrown in.

CONFUSED - Has a backing of the Synth version of Big Country's big "bagpipe" guitars.  This is a usual 80s Pop track.  Again it lacks something to get me excited about it.

TOYS - Almost Progressive Rock, New Romantic style.  A little 70s and 80s Rock elements and its dark, moody backing really work.  A 6 minute epic track that is one of my favourites.