FOLLOWER - The opening track sounds like a ZZ Top/90s Grunge hybrid.  Awesome Blues Rock guitars and drums backing with vocalist Juliette Tworsey's snarling vocals akin to someone like PJ Harvey make this a stomping intro!

SINNER - Classic 70s style Rock with slight hints of Blues and Country and also Progressive Rock.  A bit of everything make this a great track.

WINE, WATER AND BREAD - One of my favourites by the band, a Blues Rock slow tempo tune with hints of 60s and 70s Psychedelic leanings.  Superb track.

WANDERING SOUL - The title track reminds me a little of Paloma Faith, an almost funky Jazz/Blues style midtempo jam that emphasises the creativity of the band to sample many genres.

THE RIVER - Early 70s Progressive Rock takes centre stage here with hints of hippie style Psychedelia effects and echoes.  Experimental and is almost like early Heart or Fleetwodd Mac.

FOOL LIKE ME - A raw, pure track that has a little Punk edge to it with that "live" clear guitar strumming.  Every track here links to many forms and genres, it shows how accomplished this band is to try their hand at anything.

SHALLOW WATER - Atmospheric dark Classic Rock gem.  Eerie but enchanting vocals lift his to a brilliant song.

FURTHER FROM JUNE - Epic 6 minute almost medieval sounding Folk Rock track.  Immense.

USED TO BE - Classic Rock/Glam Rock hybrid with hints to Queen of the Stone Age and Glam of the 70s such as T-Rex and The Sweet.  Another of my favourites.

FOR THE LOVE - A melancholic Pop Rock ballad with a memorable chorus.  Juliette's vocals are fantastic bringing the emotion of this track.

STRANGE DAYS - Another New Wave/Punk track that reminds me of The Pretenders with Juliette giving a nod maybe to Chrissie Hynde.  Class.

REFUGEE - Again a hint to ZZ Top with some great Country/Blues Rock guitar backing and some moody vocals at the fore. 

THE WIND GOES BY - Juliette channels her inner chanteuse here to finish the album.  For some reason it reminds me of a Sophie B.Hawkins track from her "Tongues And Tails" album.  It is atmospheric, eerie, emotive and quirky all at the same time.  Great end to a top album!