DAVID WATTS - The opening track on this fifth album by the band is a mix of 60s Pop with what sounds like early Glam Rock snippets.  The lyrics sung by Ray Davies seem to lean towards admiration for a fellow popular schoolboy.  Upbeat and cool intro to this album. 

DEATH OF A CLOWN - Named as "chamber Pop" this track is a kind of Folk Pop track with  haunting "la la" chanted segments.  Originally co-written by Ray Davies and his brother Dave (who released it as his first solo single).  

TWO SISTERS - Harpsichord led laid back 60s Pop track, singing about two sisters Sybilla and Priscilla, both with contrasting personalities, similar to Kinks' brothers Ray and Dave!  Nice song.

NO RETURN - An unusual minimal Acoustic style track with a kind of Bossa beat lightly drifting the song along.  A little eerie and not one of my favourites but very experimental.

HARRY RAG - Classic Kinks, a bouncing marching drumbeat drives this quirky, humorous song with a catchy chorus.

TIN SOLDIER MAN - Another quirky classic Kinks track, this time orchestrated for extra oomph.  A simple but catchy chorus yet again, this is what we expect from the band.  Great song.

SITUATION VACANT - A "bar room" jazzy Rock Pop with a hint of Country Blues guitar.  Class.

LOVE ME 'TIL THE SUN SHINES - Almost Progressive Rock and a little Psychedelia in this pure Rock track of the 60s.  Dave takes lead vocals again on this song.

LAZY OLD SUN - Very weird, very experimental track with an assortment of sounds and minimal lazy vocals.  Definitely a filler to this album.

AFTERNOON TEA - This is a bright and breezy laid back guitar based track with a simple chorus.  Its a nice song but doesn't grab you until a few listens later.

FUNNY FACE - The last of Dave's vocal vehicles on this album is a Psychedelic, hippie style Pop Rock track with a hint of Classic Rock leanings.

END OF THE SEASON - An unusual switch in genres as this is in "crooner" territory, laid back musical based track.

WATERLOO SUNSET - One of the very best from The Kinks and one of my favourites.  Acoustic and Electric guitars at the fore, some gorgeous melodies and harmonies in this nostalgia driven track.  Sheer class 60s Rock.