DO YOU LOVE? - Crashing guitar and drum opener kicks off the band's second album with a bang.  It is an almost Gothic Rock track with hints of 90s Grunge.  A storming introduction!

STATUES - This has elements of the 60s and 70s Rock and also hints to the melodious, raw sounds of bands like The La's and Cast.  Great track.

WHEN NEARLY IS ALL YOU CAN DO -  The Spase really have a great sense of melodies and hooks.  This is a midtempo Pop Rock ballad that is emotive and engaging.  Three tracks in and we have a few different styles already!

MY HAND - A simply lovely Acoustic ballad that has a gentle Folk Rock style.  Reminds me a little of Red Hot Chili Peppers' slow tracks including vocals almost like Anthony Kiedis.

THE BLACK HORSE - One of my favourite tracks, great chug-a-chug beats and guitars that pump the song along at an uptempo pace.  Frenetic pace throughout, a pute "as live" sound htis the mark with this almost Progressive Rock track with a little veiled good old fashioned Rock N' Roll!

RAIN - A track that has a little hint to the early 80s Pop Rock with a quirky feel in the vein of The Cars or early Blondie.

BY MY SIDE -  A gentle Acoustic Folk style ballad, reminds me of The Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel which is a great compliment.  Really nice track.
DEJA VU - The pace hots up again as this is a Hendrix style Classic Rock track which is another of my favourites.  Has the feel of a crazy band jam.  Brilliant.

FADE AWAY - Reminds me of The Monkees, it has that fun feeling, pure melodic Pop.

SHE WEARS ME LIKE A HUG - An atmospheric, melancholic Gothic Rock track, almost reminiscent of The Mission when they take it slow and moody.  Great ending to a fine sequel to the debut album, "On A Cloud".