THE ROBOTS - The album opener kicks off with a similar synth style that Thompson Twins would master a few years later.  A quirky robotic (obviously) melody throughout with the occasional synth Funk elements.  The chorus when it comes is basically "we are the robots" but it still sticks in your head! 

SPACELAB - A track that has a futuristic Disco beat but the almost melancholic melody over the top and eerie sci fi segments make this unique.  It is structured almost like a Pop ballad, its emotive in a weird kind of way.  Classic Kraftwerk genius.

METROPOLIS - This starts off in almost cathedral likefashion before launching into a mid tempo Pop synth ballad mostly instrumental track.  Maybe inspired by Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece movie "Metropolis".  

THE MODEL - The track that was so far ahead of its time it became a massice hit and reached number 1 in the UK four years later.  Unusually for Kraftwerk, a lot more lyrics than in most songs which became instrumentals.  Such a brilliant song, my first Kraftwerk song was probably "Showroom Dummies" but this one is my favourite.  Its melodies, memorable chorus and pulsing beat are fantastic.

NEON LIGHTS - Really nice, relaxing melody for half of this song, very laid back and emotive.  Then the brilliant echoed funky synth Disco keyboards come in before ending with a mix of choral chants to the end.  Cool.

THE MAN MACHINE - Ironicalls as it is the title track, this final song is the least accessible to a non-Kraftwerk audience.  Its repetitive music and lyrics special effects just don't make it easy listening.  For the synth and Kraftwerk officianados this would mean more.  To a casual listener of much music like me it doesn't grab the senses.