MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING - The opening track of Cyndi's debut album was a cover of The Brains'  1980 underground hit.  New Wave Rock Pop, Cyndi explores her vocal range to the hilt with some ear piercing, amazing high notes, which critics' adored later on her career.  Great uptempo start to a great album.

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN - One of Cyndi's signature tunes and became a feminist anthem and a hit all over the globe.  Perfect 80s Pop, with elements of Dance and Rock, and an unbelievably catchy sing along chorus.  One of the best and most memorable songs of the 80s decade.

WHEN YOU WERE MINE - As a Prince fan I recognised this cover version on first listen.  A brilliant 80s Synthpop style track where she kept all of the he/him/his pronouns in the lyrics.  A mid tempo ballad that stands on its own and gives Cyndi's album a more mature track amid the hits.  

TIME AFTER TIME - One of my favourite songs of the 80s and I think I read somewhere that it is the most recorded cover version.  A beautiful, emotive and melancholic Soft Rock ballad that stands as one of the great love songs for me.  Absolutely love this.

SHE BOP - A New Wave Pop song with slight leanings to a little Punk.  Controversy reigned about this song because of the "female masturbation" subject matter.  Its a quirky, cheeky track that has a great catchy chorus and uptempo danceable beat.

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT - This track was written by Jules Shear and appeared on his debut album "Watchdog" in 1983 but was  Folk Rock song.  This track is the most well known version.  A slow ballad which showcases Cyndi's amazing vocals.  I always loved her ballads, she should have been recognised more just how good a singer she is.  This is New Wave Synthpop and is an emotive, beautiful song.

WITNESS - With its almost Ska/Reggae intro backing you would suggest this track would be from The Police catalogue.  It is essentially a half ballad, half mid tempo Rock Pop song.  It has Electronica and some latin rhythms also incuded.  Experimental but brilliant with a sing along chorus.

I'LL KISS YOU - A Punk/Synthpop hybrid that is manic with a pumping electronic beat throughout.  Cyndi gives her best angst ridden rebellious vocal.   Took a few listens for this to grab me, not as strong as the previous songs on the album but a grower.

HE'S SO UNUSUAL - A 46 second with Cyndi giving a cutesy Betty Boop vocal over a fairground like piano backing.  Absolutely bonkers filler!

YEAH YEAH - Another Punk Pop style track which includes the previous track's Betty Boop vocals as backing.  The song has a smooth Ska beat with a really catchy, if simple chorus of "yeah yeah".  Exprimental yet again but a cool end to the album.