I WANNA BE ADORED - A Gothic style anthemic mid tempo track opens the album, setting the eerie but mysterious tone for the band's much anticipated debut album.  Almost Progressive Rock at times with singer Ian Brown's deadpan vocals carrying the minimalist lyrics with only spasmodic changes in tone.  It's a great tune and a solid base for what was to come. 

SHE BANGS THE DRUMS - A more uptempo 60s infuenced Rock with a great chorus and elements of Pop and Psychedelia, similar to The Monkees' more mature tracks.  Its catchy, its memorable and its a class song.

WATERFALL - One of my favourites by the band.  Arena "wall of sound" echoed mid tempo guitar based track.  Listening to this in headphones is an experience.  This track hints at early 70s Progressive and Psychedelic Rock and has a nice laid back, chilled out vibe.  Another top song.

DON'T STOP - Pure Psychedelic Rock track, with the swirling musical backing and effects laden vocals.  The bar bones drums towards the end are especially cool for me.  Its an experimental track, no top lyrical content and maybe just was exactly that, an experiment.  A disappointment after the first 3 tracks.

BYE BYE BAD MAN - A quirky minimalist Indie Folk track.  Reminds me a little of Simon and Garfunkel with its uptempo music and the slow, laid back vocals over the top.  They were masters of this art and this track certainly works too.  Nice.

ELIZABETH MY DEAR - Obviously linked to "Scarborough Fair" by Simon and Garfunkel.  A quick little 50 second burst of a handful of lyrics "tear me apart and boil my bones, i'll not rest til' she's lost her throne, my aim is true, my message is clear, it's curtains for you, Elizabeth my dear"!

(SONG FOR MY) SUGAR SPUN SISTER - Ian sings his usual moody, deadpan vocals over an almost New Wave Punk Pop backing.  Its cool, emotive and another top track on this debut set.

MADE OF STONE - A classic "Madchester" track and the first song by the band I heard and instantly liked as it was so different to anything I had heard prior.  It has a merging of various styles, Psychedelic Rock, 60sand 70s Classic Rock and that fabulous "live" arena type sound.  Absolute class with some great guitar riffs.

SHOOT YOU DOWN - This track has a 60s Beat Pop feel and also a little Blues and Country.  Love this track, very unusual, some melodious vocals and backing.  A little funky guitar in bursts too, what's not to like?? Awesome.

THIS IS THE ONE - A mishmash of effects laden sounds, you can just pick out a 70s Classic Rock track with a hint of Punk.  A little too over produced for me, would have been much greater if it was left to its own devices without the effects bouncing out the pure sounds.  Disappointing, could have been class.

I AM THE RESURRECTION - Epic 8 minute track to finish the album.  For the first 3 and a half minutes its 60s Pop Rock with a little Classic Rock.  Then it all changes into a Psychedelic/Progressive Rock wall of noise before ending with a fast paced kind of Folk/Irish Rock.  This is the album in one song, a little of everything, that's what drew me in.  There should have been more albums by the band but as we know, it did not turn out like that and this was probably their best work.