A SORT OF HOMECOMING - The opening track is a bit of a shock after the previous guitar-led and anthemic albums.  This is a more orchestral sounding track with guitars not at the forefront as those on the last album, "War".  It actually reminded me more of the Pop Rock that Simple Minds were also doing at the time, not to say that is a bad thing.  It is still a great track once over the initial change of sound for the band.

PRIDE (IN THE NAME OF LOVE) - One of my favourite tracks of the 80s and U2.  An awesome guitar based rocker.  An almost Punk angst ridden vocals from singer Bono  carries this to enormous heights.  An absolute classic written about Martin Luther King Jr., reminding us when U2 were just a great Rock band before all the god-like rants from Bono and lesser experimental work after "Rattle And Hum".  True classic anthemic Rock.

WIRE - An Electro Punk rocker that pumps along with a pace.  No catchy chorus but its relentless tempo keeps you engaged.  Not great but still good.

THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE - An atmospheric Rock ballad about the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Orchestrated in parts with segments of electronic effect, its emotional, its big and its brilliant.  It rightly followed on from "Pride.." and got the band in the top 10 in the UK as the album's second single.

PROMENADE - A two and a half minutes long, minimal Blues/Folk track that is really nice and relaxing to listen to.  A nice breather after the first four tracks and letting Bono just carry this song with an emotional vocal.

4TH OF JULY - An experimental ambient, effects laden short instrumental.  Includes bare bones strummed guitar and other atmospheric noises.  At 2 minutes 15 seconds I am not sure if this was a filler.  Uninspiring I'm afraid.

BAD - A classic 80s Rock epic, coming in at over 6 minutes.  However, it wasn't until the band's extended 12 minute Live Aid performance that this song really caught the ears.  It is a great song but that performance elevated its "classic" tag.  It is uplifting while being melancholic and inspiring Rock.  Complete with repetitive lines and music, chants and Bono's variour vocals.  Just brilliant.

INDIAN SUMMER SKY - A Rock track with hints to Punk, reminds me a little of INXS' early work and The Rolling Stoness.  Its a simple track with its engaging chug-a-chug pounding beats and guitars. Cool song if not that memorable.

ELVIS PRESLEY AND AMERICA - An unusual track, which originally featured a slowed down backing track of "A Sort Of Homecoming" while Bono improvised vocals as a rough cut, Producer Brian Eno then added it to the album as a track.  Its eerie and almost Progressive Rock style make it engaging, but then not as engaging as some of the great tracks on this album.  Only for U2 officianados this one I think.

MLK - A really nice elegy to Martin Luther King Jr.  with Bono singing over a sparse, barely audible backing track.  A cool and emotional ending to one of U2's best albums and one of the 80s top sets.