HUMMINGBIRD OF SPRINGTIME (Featuring Oshra Sedan) - The opening track of the third album following 2018's "January 16" is a beautiful, mellow ballad.  Oshra  Sedan's vocals are lush and pure and lift the seasonal Spring feeling to even bigger heights. The strings give an almost bird song melody, which is perfect as the song is about a visiting Hummingbird to a garden.  The rhythm is nice and slightly upbeat, giving an almost Ska or Reggae hint on the Jazz feel. 

BACK HOME (Featuring Anna Konstantopoulos)
- A smoky Jazz bar ballad with Anna Konstantopoulos taking lead vocals in a breathy, sultry style reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.  The flute takes centre stage with the singer and gives a slight Trip Hop feel to the track.  It is easy going, light, dreamy and uplifting all at the same time.  Nice, relaxing listen. 

FATAL ATTRACTION (Featuring Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque)
- This track is duet between Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque.  A smooth, upbeat ballad which reminds me of some 80s style Latin influenced tracks by bands such as Miami Sound Machine.  It also adds hints of Hip Hop effects and gives a "musical" soundtrack feel as well as some delightful guitar.

CALLED TO THE SEA (Featuring Oshra Sedan
) - Oshra Sedan again takes the vocal lead and this time drops the tone down to a more moodier level.  It has an almost Folk vibe running through with the strings giving just that little bit of eerie ambience.  The song teases often that the mood will lift to a brighter tone but just keeps itself in check to a steady melancholic feel. A nice, soulful track suiting Oshra's vocals perfectly.

SUMMER RAIN (Featuring Anna Konstantopoulos)
- A bouncy, moderateley upbeat track about the enjoyment and feelings of a thundery rainfall in the Summer season.  Pure, easy going Jazz with an uplift.  Anna Konstantopoulos gives a more bright and breezy Pop vocal to this track, ironically as it is about rain! The Saxophone makes it a smooth ride and the soulful vocals merging with the backing track effortlessly give it more depth.

THREE LITTLE WORDS (Featuring Maya Victoria, Matt Blaque and D-Varg) - A cute, quirky and sweet melodic ballad about two new sweethearts in love.  Maya Victoria and Matt Blaque provide the duet while D-Varg adds some Rap to give it a Trip Hop feel.  Reminds me a lot of some 80s R n' B/Soul songs.  It has the most Pop feel than some of the other tracks.  It's modern and a radio friendly hit for sure.

THE BOSSA NOVA (Featuring John Vargas and D-Varg) - A spoken word marrative over a Bossa Nova rhythm by John Vargas (singer/songwriter and producer) and son David Vargas (rapper aka D-Varg, songwriter and engineer).  Although not technically a "song" as such it is an interesting tribute by two guys who obviously grew up listening to Bossa Nova and now give a fitting tribute to the genre with this album of their own.  A nice commentary ending to a cool album that can propel this brand of Jazz/Latin based music to new listeners.


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