IF YOU ALL GET TO HEAVEN - A powerful, soulful, uplifting, spiritual opener to this brilliant debut album by Terence Trent D'Arby which led to comparisons to Prince for its diversity and class of songs.  One of the best debut albums of the decade at a time when the 80s was winding down in a horrible blast of Acid House, Boybands and Novelty acts.  A great track to start.

IF YOU LET ME STAY - The debut single that put D'Arby on the musical map, reaching number 7 on the UK chart.  This is a perfect Motown style Pop crossover.  Typically soulful vocals over a midtempo almost funky backing track.  This brought the styles of Michael Jackson, James Brown and Sam Cooke all together in one song.

WISHING WELL - A big hit when released as the second single.  This is the song that reminds me most of Prince.  Its sparse arrangement backing a funky, simple drumbeat and soulful Pop vocals make this an absolute gem of a song.

I'LL NEVER TURN MY BACK ON YOU (FATHER'S WORDS) - Michael Jackson-esque vocals throughout in this Pop Rock track with some great funky guitars make this an engaging track and fitting in well with the rest of the hits on this album.

DANCE LITTLE SISTER - This time right from the first snare drum beat, D'Arby plays on a James Brown infuence, takes you back to the height of the Godfather Of Soul's fame.  Get your dancing feet moving! Another favourite of mine of this artist and also the decade.

SEVEN MORE DAYS - Eerie at times and dark Gospel Rock.  Some moody vocals from D'Arby with a chanted,menacing chorus.  Nice Country twangy guitars in the background as well as various other effects. 

LET'S GO FORWARD - Not the greatest song on this album and in many ways it falls short.  It has moments of George Benson and Luther Vandross, but the repeated "let's go forward with our love" is a bit too much and it doesn't really engage in another gear.  Disappointing.

RAIN - Simplistic song but has a great 70s feel, and a great uptempo pace to it.  If you even closely it almost contains some Reggae and Ska elements.  Clever song and cool.

SIGN YOUR NAME - Another memorable song by D'Arby, ironically its a slow tempo Soul ballad.  Minimal musical backing allowing the vocals to express themselves to the hilt.  A brilliantly gentle, and very smooth track with a catchy chorus.  Sheer class.

AS YET UNTITLED - Sung A capella this is a lovely song, at over 5 min utes long it may be a little indulgent and overlong but the vocals are so sweet and pure it carries the song without any music.  Brave on a debut album but also a massive confidence in the voice. 

WHO'S LOVING YOU - A cover of the classic song written by Smokey Robinson for his band the Miracles in 1960, although maybe the Jackson 5's version may be better known.  This is on a par with those songs.  A brilliant cover of a Soul classic and a great ending to an outstanding debut album, although D'Arby never seemed to carry himself to even bigger heights with follow up albums.