I COULDN'T STAY - This debut album by Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Meline is a mixed bag of a few genres showing this young lady's raw creative talent.  This is where it began before the latest accomplished music of songs like "Pictures And Words" in 2019.  The opening title track is a pumping Electronic Europop track backing up Anna's anguished Rock like vocal.

WHAT FOR - Track 2 is a beautiful, emotional Pop ballad.  Big vocals front a powerful melancholic melody.  Simply great Pop, a little Abba, a little Roxette and a little Berlin.  Nice.

STANDING - This is a kind of New Wave Rock Pop track, similar in vein to early The Cars tracks.  Electronic but also with a rocky beat. Its another cool track for Miss Meline.

THERE FOR YOU - This is pure 80s Synth Pop, reminds me of early Erasure.  It is simple but catchy and yet another genre for Anna to experiment with.  This set is a brave debut for a fresh new talent to try things out unconventionally.

WHEN I SEE YOU HOLDING HER HAND - Anna lifts her vocals to new heights with this track.  Its a big, soulful, anthemic Pop ballad.  The emotion shines through and it is perfectly radio friendly composition for any music listener no matter what your genre taste is.  Anna may not reach the vocal range of Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey but it sure packs an emotional punch.  

WE JUST DIDN'T MAKE IT THIS TIME - Synth Pop Rock this time on this track.  It incorporates the Erasure style, a little Kraftwerk simplicity and The Human League jumping over genres to make it more rockier sounding.  Love this.

NANANA - An unusual end to the album, this track seems to be in two parts, very cleverly merged.  It kicks off with a Berlin/Nena style vocal and Electro beat.  At around the 1 and a half minute mark a sweet guitar comes in which then lifts the song off in another direction to a more Punk Rock style.  Great track to end a fine debut.  The second album has been a long time coming, I look forward to it!