VEGAS TWO TIMES - The opening track to the band's third album and the set that got me hooked on this great band, seeking out their back catalogue.  This is a mellow slight introduction crashing into Heavy Rock meeting Blues elements.  An absolute stormer to kick off a great album.

- A melancholic, wistful Acoustic Rock track showcasing singer Kelly Jones' throaty, emotive vocal.  Everything is wonderful about this, the beautiful guitar and full of hope and longing.  Nice.

MR WRITER - An Britpop Rock vibe for this track.  This is the track that contains the title of the album and reached number 5 in the UK chart.  Its sometimes compared to Oasis' songs but I think that's detrimental to this fine band.  Kelly is a much better songwriter and the band make Oasis look like One Direction in talent stakes.  A great song and very eeerie video!


STEP ON MY OLD SIZE NINES - A really nice, laid back song that has a strong Indie Folk Rock and Americana sound.  It also has some nice slide guitar twang giving a hint of Country.  


HAVE  A NICE DAY - Love this song, its upbeat, chirpy and a fun song to hear.  The irresistible chorus is a bonus so you can sing along.  Ironically the lyrics are quite sarcastic but the tune makes you feel positive!

NICE TO BE OUT - This is basically a slow rap-like monologue with no chorus over a sweet, melancholic musical backdrop.  Its a simple song construction but the melody and engaging lyrics make it a cool song to listen to.

WATCH THEM FLY SUNDAYS - This reminds me of 70s Classic Rock with a hint of Folk.  Its got a good, emotional vibe and some lovely vocal harmonies.  

EVERYDAY I THINK OF MONEY -  This is a Pop Rock track and is similar to to 70s works by Rod Stewart.  It is not one of my favourites, its not catchy and doesn't really grab you with anything else.  Filler time?

MAYBE - Another Marmite song, you either love this or not.  Its kind of a mix of all the elements of this album, a little "Nice To Be Out", "Have A Nice Day" and "Mr Writer" without really lifting off to their heights.  Its a nice chilled song thoug and I quite like it.

CARAVAN HOLIDAY - It may be that this album has such a lot of great tracks that this falls below the standard.  Like "Everyday I Think Of Money" this meanders along steadily but fails to hit the mark for me. 

ROOFTOP - At just over 6 minutes this is a great track to finish the album.  One of my favourites its a pure Rock indulgence with elements of Classic Rock, Prog Rock and Glam Rock. A gem to end.