SAVE THE LIES - The debut album by the Aussie songstress kicks off with a funky Rock track with a pumping almost Disco beat.  Gabriella snarls her way through the track with attitude and shows some tremendous vocal talent at such a young age. I believe she was just 17 when this was released.  An awesome start.

SWEET ABOUT ME - The biggest hit reaching number 6 on the UK chart.  This was annoyingly compared to Amy Winehouse as I never understood the clamour for that woman, she seemed only famous for her non-musical "interests".  However, this is a cool slice of Jazz, Soul and Blues.  It more reminds me of the brilliant Paloma Faith because of the sheer quirkiness in the style.  A great song.

SANCTUARY - A smooth and silky Soul ballad.  This belies Gabriella's young age as this is a very accomplieshed, emotional tinged track.

EINSTEIN - A great slow tempo, typically 90s Pop ballad reminding me a little of All Saints.  More vocal dexterity and range from this young singer.  Another gem.

GOT NO PLACE TO GO - A melodious dancey Jazzy Funk Pop track.  Catchy and in a similar vein to "Sweet About Me".  This debut is a tour de force.

DON'T WANNA GO TO BED NOW - This is a favourite of mine even though it was not released outside of Australia.  Should have been a worldwide smash.  Its a little Acoustic, a little New Romantic Synth Pop and pure 80s.  An absolute crackier of a song.

MESSY - Adding to the genre changing repertoire of Gabriella, this is a kind of Punk Pop, great melody, catchy chorus and attitude, superb.

AWKWARD GAME - Jazz chanteuse style, Gabriella's emotive vocals lift this track from being an average track to a really nice one.

SAFER - This actually reminds me of a Kate Bush track, emotionally charged gentle, sweet, light vocals make this a beautiful track.  Its like a 60s Motown Soul track.

CIGARETTES AND LIES - Blondie-esque track, Debbie Harry style vocals, attitude a plenty with soft vocals then half angry snarls.  Great stuff.

TERRIFYING - Another Punk style track, quickfire pace and energetic style, late 70s style.  Reminds me of the raw "Dirk Wears White Sox" album by Adam and The Ants in 1979.  Love this.

SIT IN THE BLUES - Exactly what it says in the title, this is laid back, ultra smooth Blues track.  A nice enough, easy going track but on the sheer excellence of this album it kind of ends in a whimper for me.  Still a fantastic debut though!.