FOREIGN PART OF THE TOWN - Nice, gentle lilting album opener akin to Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers with a 60s Folk feel.  A little sing along chorus unites well with the sweet melodies.

ALABAMA SHOE-SHINE BOY - An upbeat track that has elements of Folk, Skiffle and Pop music othe sixties.  Anthony is giving us his best Lonnie Donegan/Gene Pitney vocalised hybrid which makes the track ultimately unusual and engaging.  The song is about Jesse Owens, who won 3 Gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games, so in 2016 with the games in Rio, this is very apt!

OLD HAT'S RETURN - Half spoken, half sung song which shows the writer's humour and that he isn't taking himself too seriously.  Its a fun, whimsical little ditty. 

TOXTETH GIRL - One of my favourites, a romantic homage to the Toxteth Girl in question.  Really sweet, soft ballad that brings a smile to the listener's face. 


BLINDED BY HER BEAUTY - This is half 60s Rock/70s Punk with a bit of Rock 'N Roll thrown in for good measure! Great song and another of my favourites, proper foot stomper! 

MADE TO TRANSCEND - Another catchy chorus on this track, a little of The Kinks style here too.  I'm a fan of the band so I really like the construction here.  Has a quirky 60s hippie feel to it. 

END UP IN HEARTBREAK - A sweet Country-esque song with a bit of a crooner style vocal.  Nice ballad with gorgeous Acoustic guitar backing. 

WHERE ARE THEY NOW THOSE FAMOUS FACES? - A question we all ask from time to time.  A nostalgic trip remembering the old days.  A really nice, poignant track with heartfelt lyrics. 

LAST SUMMER'S CHAMPAGNE - Gypsy style Folk track with more reminiscing of the past in a delighfully constructed composition. 

FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND - Jean Crompton lends her gorgeous, powerful voice to this song.  A simply beautiful strack incredibly sung.  Emotive and sweet, Judy Garland style. 

LISA - A lovely song that is an easy listener's dream.  Personally not one of my favourites but it is well sung and gives a nice, relaxing three minutes plus listen. 

STRANGERS ON THE STREET - This is the first track that instantly recalls some Bob Dylan moments.  Dylan is not a favourite vocal style of mine, but I love the lyrical content and respect his genius.  As with Dylan, this track is well written and created, even if the vocal doesn't grab me. 

SORRY MR TANDY - Good written and crafted song, very cute Acoustic number and seems to be an apology for previous misdemeanours! 


RE-KINDLE THE FLAME - Reminds me a little of The Hothouse Flowers.  Its got that upbeat, foot stomping, gaelic Folk-Pop feel.  Really love this, its got something special and another contender for my favourite on the album! 

TEN YEARS ON - Another Dylan-esque track.  Good lyrics and well written with some nice guitar sounds. 

MOOD SWINGS - This is an unexpected song.  A rather aggressive vocal in an 80s style Punk/Goth Rock mash up!  A little like The Damned and bands of that ilk, great track! 

SISTER JUNE - This could be a Simon And Garfunkel/The Monkees hybrid.  Great song all round, the vocals and backing match perfectly and its a pure, emotive listen. 

I SHALL MEET YOU IN THE OPEN COUNTRY - For me, the most unremarkable track on the album.  Overlong and with little change throughout to grab the listener.  On such an overall great album, maybe this is a downside but other listeners may love it.  A songwriter sings what he feels and it may not impress everyone but that's what its all about, if you don't write in the moment you're not a songwriter.  Not a bad song just not for me. 

SONG FOR THE SECOND MILLENIUM - Similar to the previous track.  A little too much of the same, although the echo effect was an interesting touch.  Anthony at least tries new things and experiments, thats the mark of a great artist. 

DAWN 'TIL DUSK - A stunning lead vocal from Moira Witter appears on the album finale.  This is another really gorgeous song, could and should be on a movie soundtrack as with "Footprints In The Sand"!  Maybe an option Mr Quinn?



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