SUPERVIXEN - Awesome opener to the album, singer Shirley Manson delivers a languid, moody, angry vocal over a high octane crash of searing guitars backdrop.  Garbage liked to push boundaries of genres and this is no exception.  Almost Punk in attitude and Grunge in style. Only released as a promotional single but a class track.

QUEER - The band's first big hit in the UK reaching number 13.  This track is a gem and another mix of styles.  There is the Trip Hop vibe of Morcheeba, the Grunge Rock of Nirvana and also the angst and Alternative Pop akin to Alanis Morissette and Alisha's Attic.  Simply brilliant.

ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS - The single that got Garbage noticed in the UK reaching the Top 30 for the first time peaking at number 29.  A great slice of Alternative/Electronic Rock, more sing-a-long than the previous tracks it has become a favourite of Garbage fans and many artists have covered the song.  One of my favourite tracks of the 90s.

AS HEAVEN IS WIDE - Another switch in style as this is an Industrial Electro  Rock track.  This reminds me of the tracks Billy Idol incorporated on his 1993 album, "Cyberpunk".  Energetic, pumping track.

NOT MY IDEA - A quirky Punk style track, with elements of Gothic Rock, Electronic Rock, and Grunge Rock.  Shirley at times delivers a soulful almost balladic vocal but then sweeps into an angry vocal stating "this is not my idea of a good time"!

A STROKE OF LUCK - An eerie Gothic Rock style track with Electronic and Grunge elements.  As near to a ballad as Garbage can be associated with.  Its strangely emotive and positive at the same time.  Love this track and its a favourite.

VOW - The debut single criminally ignored by the UK in my opinion.  Straight up anthemic Gothic Rock with some lovely medieval and mysterious elements akin to one of my other favourite bands, The Mission.  Great stuff.

STUPID GIRL - The classic Garbage track and probably the most famous and most loved.  One of the best singles of the 90s and the perfect Pop/Rock crossover with Alternative, Punk and Grunge and Electro intertwined with an almost catchy chorus and some great vocals from Shirley.  Perfection and the biggest hit for the band to date, reaching a terrific number 4 in the UK.

DOG NEW TRICKS - Noting the influence that Debbie Harry had on the young Shirley Manson this track is remiscent of the early Punk leanings of Blondie.  Another track reminding me of one of my favourite bands of all time.  Class.

 MY LOVER'S BOX - Not one of my favourites but still a great track, a kind of New Wave Punk track with a pounding beat and Electronic snippets amidst Shirley's snarling vocals.

FIX ME NOW - This is an unusual track, it has the harmonies and vocals similar to Bangles but the Punk style rhtythms of Iggy Pop and The Stooges! Experimental and cool!

MILK - A beautiful Trip Hop/Rock ballad hybrid to end a fantastic debut album.  The fifth and final single from the album reaching number 10 in the UK chart.  Lovely sweet vocals from Shirley over an eerie but soothing backdrop.