WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND - The opening track to the band's second and sadly, final studio album hit number 19 in the UK chart and was the first single to not reach the Top 10.  There are the Electro Rock elements from part of the first album and hints to Prog Rock.  Atmospheric and a great thumping chorus.  Not sure why the critics hated this as I think it is a worthy successor to the previous singles.


RAGE HARD - The first single from the album and it reached number 4 in the UK chart continuing the band's run of Top 10 hits.  A "Two Tribes" like Hard Rock rhythm and pumping guitars backing Holly's inimitable emotional and angry booming vocals.  This is a great track and I always felt this album deserved a better response, maybe the Frankies' could have carried on.


KILL THE PAIN - A slight drop in tempo to start but picking up in pace as the song goes on.  A New Wave almost Punk sound merging into a big Rock anthem similar to Simple Minds and U2.  There is also a small hint to Bowie and Glam Rock.  A gem.

MAXIMUM JOY - A Synth Rock track with a little "Welcome To the Pleasuredome" "trickling" keyboard backing.  I have to admit it is not one of my favourites, but it is still an engaging song if lacking the power and oomph of previous tracks.

WATCHING THE WILDLIFE - The most radio friendly and "poppy" track of all Frankie's singles but lacking a killer punch.  Only reaching number 28 on the UK chart and singalled the end of FGTH with only seven singles released and two albums.  It is an ok song, but Frankie you expect a little more, a little disappointing.

LUNAR BAY - This track is a great Synth Pop/Rock track with a lot of tempo and rhythm changes and Holly delivering some nice vocals.  I like this track, there is a lot of emotion and also a positive vibe.

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE - A powerful track with a menacing chorus and some experimental genre swapping.  A bit of Blues, Classic and Prog Rock and Gothic leanings.  One of my favourite tracks by the band.  It is not loud, brash or controversial it is just a well crafted song.

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? - A brilliant end to the Frankie's studio recordings, this is an epic 7 minute Rock ballad.  Building steadily into a rousing, anthemic crescendo.  This would fit on any Rock compilation and possibly shows what Frankie could have been and that they could have shown much more than they did.  Class.