DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO - The opening track to this 9th studio album kicks off with a tribal drum style intro before the guitars set fully in motion trading riffs with an almost Pop style chorus.  Blues Rock guitarist Gary Moore stayed in the band to make his first and only full album with Thin Lizzy.  The pulsating rhythms and guitars don't let up 'til the end, brilliant track.  It was the albums's second single and reached number 14 on the UK chart.

TOUGHEST STREET IN TOWN - A typical late 70s and early 80s Hard Rock track playing on the band's "tough guy" image.  The chorus is simple and reminds me of early Kiss or some of the New Wave bands coming through at the the time.  The rhythms are similar to "Jailbreak" but lack its power but still a cool track.

S & M - An unusual track for a Hard Rock band, this is like a slice of Funk combiined with Pop Rock influences.  Just sounds like an experimental Funk Rock jam.  Its a quirky little tune but not one of the band's best.

WAITING FOR AN ALIBI - A Thin Lizzy classic track that reached number 9 in the UK chart.  One of the best Lizzy tracks in my opinion.  Ultimate guitar riffs and that thumping drumbeat by Brian Downey keeping the tempo.  Phil Lynott delivers some great vocals and Gary Moore obviously lends some great Blues guitar to complement Scott Gorham.   Awesome.


SARAH - Another classic track and definitely one of, if not my favourite alltime song by the band.  A lush Rock ballad beautifully sung emotive vocals by Lynott.  Written for his new born baby girl (unlike the previous "Sarah" written for his grandmother from the second album, "Shadess of A Blue Orphanage").  This has a slightly Latin feel and is just a really lovely track.  Huey Lewis played harmonica (yes THAT Huey Lewis) before he hit big fame.

GOT TO GIVE IT UP - This reminds me a little of ZZ Top, not just for the Blues intro but Lynott's vocals are more gritty and throaty than usual.  Hints of "Waiting For An Alibi" in the rhythm but a lot more screeching guitars and a more simple chorus. 

GET OUT OF HERE - A fast tempo, fun, almost Punk/New Wave Rock fusion track.  Co-written by Lynoot and Midge Ure (of Ultravox fame) who would join the band later for touring purposes.  

WITH LOVE - Great track this one, it is dark, moody and has some terrific screeching guitar solos.  Great Gothic style harmonies and angst ridden vocals.  One of my favourites.

ROISIN DUBH (BLACK ROSE): A ROCK LEGEND - A brilliant Irish Rock epic medley comprising of four traditional songs such as "Shenandoah", "Will You Go Lassie Go", "Danny Boy" and "The Mason's Apron". This track sums up what Thin Lizzy is about, musicians all at the top of their game making some fantastic music together as a prime unit.  Hard Rock merging with Irish, Scottish and American Folk songs is an unusual but clever mix.  Perfection.


  1. Black Rose,the best twinguitar solo ever
    Shivers down into my body what a great song
    It almoust make me cry of the joy
    So beautyfull


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