DOCTOR!DOCTOR! - The band's fourth album kicks off with an memorable 80s tune.  The second single from the album reached number 3 in the UK chart and was a big hit in the USA.  Heavy rotation of the video on MTV ensured its success.  An anthemic chorus encapsulates this track and the beautifully melodious Synth Pop backing is atmospheric and gives a positive vibe.


YOU TAKE ME UP - This track sounds minimal but there is a lot going on including marimba, xylophone and harmonica plus numerous other instruments.  Its like a Folk style Synth Pop track with another catchy chorus.  It reached number 2 in the UK chart as the album's second single.  

HOLD ME NOW - The lead single from the album reaching number 4 in the UK chart.  Less Synth Pop and more New Wave.  This is a really nice big Pop ballad, with an anthemic simple chorus, a classic of the 80s in my opinion.  Classic Thompson Twins and memorable for the 80s decade.  


DAY AFTER DAY - This is a quirky Synth Pop track but it has elements of The Cure and also of Howard Jones plus the effects of the ingenious melodious electronics of Nik Kershaw.  Its got an easy catchy chorus but fails to deliver on the previous tracks scale and doesn't match either of the acts I mentioned.

NO PEACE FOR THE WICKED - A bit of a strange one, it is undeniably Synth Pop but for some reason has a kind of Progressive Rock style.  It is a little repetitive but it carries on a steady beat.  Disappointing, so far the singles are the best tracks and album quality has suffered.  This is basic and not attention grabbing.

THE GAP - The title track and has a distinct Asian influence mostly Indian and its a well crafted track with electronic and speech effects and the sound of Dinesh Pandit's tablas.  A good song that keeps you entranced and the first non-single here to keep my attention.

SISTER OF MERCY - Reaching number 11 on the UK chart as the abum's fourth single this is another gem.  A similar tempo to "You Take Me Up" with a catchy chorus.  It has some emotion and is pretty melancholic compared to the other singles.  It is more Pop than Synth Pop, and singer Tom Bailey gives a more emotive vocal, Alannah Currie ably strengthening the chorus with her high pitched vocals.  Another classic.

STORM ON THE SEA - A disappointing mediocre dull track and overly long at 5 and a half minutes, it seems to meander along steadily but not really getting to the listener emotionally or keeping them enthralled.  Not great.

WHO CAN STOP THE RAIN - A little repetitive easy chorus in this basic Synth Pop track. Funny how time changes the way you hear albums.  I revisted this album remembering how I enjoyed it but half of the tracks needed a little more oomph to get a truly star rating.  This is not a bad song, it is relaxing but the album needed to end on a high for me.


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