VITAMIN C - This debut album by the Liverpool band opens with their first single.  It's an atmospheric, simple funky Progressive Rock track with hints of Classic 60s styles.  Great melodies and clever compostion this is a catchy little upbeat track to kick off the set.

RUNAWAY - Similar upbeat style to the opening track but a more poppy infuence complete with melodious chants and thumping beat.  Reminds me of a hybrid of The Coral and Sheppard.  Irresistibly catchy and memorable.

LEAVING YOU BEHIND - A 60s Simon and Garfunkel or The Everly Brothers meets Fleetwood Mac meets 90s Pop.  Another chorus you can't get out of your head and its energy and positive vibe gives you a good feeling.

STAY - The Fleetwood Mac influence and some 80s Rock outfits like Africa, REO Speedwagon and Foreigner give you a feel of this track.  Its emotional vocals mix with typical guitar riffs of the 80s decade still give a positive vibe despite the sad lyrics.  Simply brilliant and one of my favourites.

MAKE BELIEVE - This band sure have an ear for a catchy melody and this is no exception.  This is a Pop Rock track, think Climie Fisher but rocked up.  Another great song to play on repeat!

WE USED TO BE IN LOVE - A more rockier track with heavier chugging guitar riffs, more Classic Rock than Pop, it sounds like a very mature and accomplished band created this track.  The band had been together since 2012 so it is clear they became a tight musical unit.

FELT - The title track is a rocked up 60s style composition.  It has a mix of genres, from 60s Folk, Pop, Rock and a little Glam Rock hidden in there.  A pure gem, beautifully written and played with aplomb, its quirky, emotional and fun in equal measure.


BROTHER OF MINE -  A big drop in tempo as the band create a stunning Rock ballad.  Classic Rock and Prog Rock meet Folk Pop.  This is just awesome, the guitars alone are Prince-esque creating a sombre and tearful empotion.  Fantastic.

TIME TO LET YOU GO - A 90s style mid tempo Pop Rock track picks up the pace steadily after the previous track.  To be honest this is an average tracl compared to the previous 8 tracks which have all been superb.  This is a little repetitive and maybe its because the songs so far have been so good that this fails to hit the mark, which is not a criticism.

EVELYN - Back to the top notch tracks with this one.  The Sheppard style chants and Fleetwood Mac style melodies with catchy chorus and uptempo chugging beats and guitars make this another memorable gem.

PICK ME UP - Ending a great debut album with another scorching track.  This is pretty much New Wave with elements of Punk.  Think Blondie with Elvis Costello and others.  Brilliant end, this one is definitely my favourite on the album, which is pretty much flawless.